Monday, September 07, 2015

Glassworks in Ohio City.

 Robert had mentioned a couple of times that he would like to learn how to blow glass or form a Groupon appeared online.  It took me several times to successfully buy one for him and today, Labor Day is the day Robert scheduled his class.  So while I went to the ward breakfast, he went to Ohio City  I think he had a good time.  We won't get the cooled project til next week.
Here Robert is warming up the tip, til it's red hot.

 Picking glass up on the tip.

 Initially it was a blob of hot, molten glass and at this table it's rolled into a cylinder, like a tootsie roll.

  Periodically Robert would need to reheat the glass.

 By rolling the rod over this metal frame, the glass is allowed to cool slightly.

 The hot glass is placed on glass colored chips.  This changed the color of the glass, gives it a pattern.

 Heating the chips so that they meld into the larger piece.

 Shaping the glass.

 Here the hot glass piece is being pulled down to form a neck.

 The instructor shows Robert how to smooth the rough edge using a torch.

The finished product has arrived...or I should say productS.  Robert made 2 things.

This lovely flower

 and a cup!

It was a good day!  Robert loves to learn new things, sometimes by reading, other times by doing.

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