Friday, September 25, 2015

Fall 2015

 Fall arrived by calendar this week.  I keep hearing that there's a different First Day of Fall by Meteorological determination, not the solstice.  Me? I'm sticking with the solstice.  I'm ready for fall but a bit sad to see summer over.  It was a wonderful summer weather wise.  And I guess in all wise.

I remember that down at 809 there was always this one rose bush that allowed one rose to bloom late into the fall.  There were a few years when the rose would still be around when the leaves had fallen from the trees and snow was in the air.  Roses for us are pretty young and new here at 3830.  But just this week, this lovely yellow rose bloom, right next to the garage.  It's too spectacular to snip and put in the house.  It's meant to be seen and enjoyed.

 Strangely enough, this fall our faithful spring primroses have started to blossom again by the patio.  They are the most welcome when the winter snow has melted.  We see them along with the crocus and snowbells.  But to see them again this year, in the fall...well, that's pretty wonderful.

Equally wonderful is this strange sunflower plant.  Last year we had one and this summer we have many more.  They grow tall and green for months.  As you can see they are almost as tall as our home and just when you think there will be no flowers, mid September you awaken one morning and WHAMOOO..that's for Bopnpapa...there they all are, in resplendent yellow.

 I have no idea what this plant is but in the fall these pods burst into fluffy stuff.  The stuff doesn't fly off into the air as a similar plant does in the spring, right before the advent of the midgies.  It just hangs around.  I wondered to Robert if the birds that stick around through the winter come get the soft white down for their winter nest.  He didn't know but I like to pretend they do.

This summer I asked Robert to grow some Indian corn and he did.  They turned out incredible.  I will purchase some great fall ribbon this weekend and hang them outside, everywhere.
 So fall is here...and with it comes a trip to visit the Florida Hatches and a few days after our return we must might be hosting Hillary and kids until their Michigan home is ready. is Jordan's last day at work at Chico's in Florida and Monday he starts work for the Wolverine shoe company.  I say shoe company because I actually have no idea what all they sell.  I know there are boots involved.

The only thing missing in my life is Marissa/Hank and their 3 California.  Oh how I miss them.  Facetime is wonderful and needful but not the real thing.    But it will have to do.

But I rejoice that I am still alive to enjoy the days left to me.  To enjoy my children.  To love and appreciate the grands.

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Lin Floyd said...

Good to see you posting again, it's not nearly often! I try to post every other day as every day is too much. Your family moves around a lot-some of them...

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