Sunday, August 23, 2015

Evan's Big Weekend

Evan turned 12 this past week so on Sunday he would be ordained to the Aaronic Priesthood.  This is a huge moment in a young man's life.  We were going up on Sunday but Dawn asked us to come up as early as possible and to brink Niko so he and her new dog, Pepper, could get to know each other. We would see how they responded to each other and then would know if Pepper could come here when they visit us.

We started the weekend by ending Friday with the Barlows at the Crusher's baseball game in Avon.  Not that any of us were baseball fans but there is food and it's a lovely field.
The night was filled with freebies from various vendors and it ended with fireworks which were amazing.  It was a dry day and not hot at all.  I actually brought along a heavy jacket and used it!

While at the game I received a text from Robert's nephew, Ryan favorite nephew.  He was in Cleveland at a wedding and suggested we meet for breakfast. He was so kind as to drive west to meet us at First Watch at Crocker Park (this was the napkin ring and suits me just fine) rather than having us drive to Mayfield Hts to meet him since we were heading to MI.
 And yes, as bestman at his friend's wedding he even caught the bride's if only he could find  a good woman who wants a good man AND be willing to have at least 3 kids.

Naturally we got there before he did and waited in big overstuff chairs.  At one point, while reading the newspaper, I look up and Robert's laughing.  I had no idea what was so funny til I turned around and saw Ryan standing behind me.  Truly...he is my favorite of all Robert's kin. And not just because he saved my life on that blasted mountain in Utah 15 years ago but because he's Ryan.  He's sweet and so very smart...and also trying to find something. Not sure he's looking in the right places but he's just ideal. What's wrong with girls today?!  But we had a lovely time with him and I am so glad we made this time to meet up.

We returned home to grab Niko, our suitcases and head to Michigan.  The dogs were perfect together. Adelle drove us to church

(seems so strange that 14 year olds plus x# of months can start to drive in Michigan).  Here are the 3 guys...Connor, Evan, and Robert, in the wayback getting buckled up for church. Sadly we didn't get a picture of the 2 boys with Robert AND Ken.
The bishop of there is new and is still learning how things get done.  We had completed the business part of the Sacrament Meeting and he hadn't called up Evan to have him sustained to be ordained as well as to make mention of his advancing out of Primary.  Ken sent up a note to the bishop so before the closing hymn, the bishop announced that Evan had turned 12 and was leaving Primary....STILL NO SUSTAINING!  I was afraid that we might not be able to witness the ordaining but afterwards the bishop checked his handbook (or was corrected by someone) and reassembled all he could at the end of Sunday School and we sustained Evan.  Phew!

We all gathered in the Deacon's Quorum and Ken ordained this bright young boy to the Aaronic Priesthood and set him apart as a Deacon.  It was a really great moment.

After a great dinner we headed home, leaving with tornado sirens blaring. But we missed the rains and storms and made it safely home. This is how Niko looked nearly all the way home.  Playing with a 1 year old pup, wore out my very old friend.

I think we barely got on I75S and he was snuggled up snoring!  It was a great weekend, as always.

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Lin Floyd said...

thanks for sharing family events. I realize more all the time all I missed in getting to know the Hatch family and be their aunt. But I've enjoyed getting to know each one via facebook and trying to send them encouragement....wish you could get to know Daniel and family more. He's kind of family-less too.

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