Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elder Cody Roger Kennedy

This morning early,

Elder Kennedy(even Leo gets a farewell hug even tho Leo hates having his picture taken.)

left from Evansville Airport, flying to SLC.  His Uncle Buddy

picked him up, transferred him to his Uncle Mike and family who dropped him curbside at the MTC in Provo for a 6 week stay before flying to the Marshall Islands for his 2 year mission.

So many of his
and his bishop showed up to bid him farewell.  That was so generous of Cara and Jacob.  When Jordan left, I didn't want to share that moment with anyone.  It was my last as the mom who mattered the most to my that moment.  Robert kept telling me our time with him was over and Robert was right.  I'm glad I had that private trip to the airport and in that day we could go a bit further into the airport.  But then, I am selfish!  I think it was easier for me to send off Cody than it was for my mom when Jordan left.  We didn't live 8 houses away from Cody.  My mom watched Jordan grow up on a day to day basis.  So am I glad for that difference?  I don't least not right now. Right now I am just 'lonely' for no good reason.

The report from Cara was that she was fine, having cried in the days leading up to this moment, UNTIL she'd look at Ella who was really shedding  tears.  NOTICE HOW CLOSE ELLA STANDS NEXT TO HER BROTHER in the pictures above. (this could be your Where's Waldo/Ella moment)!  Cody did some standard dance moves of his as walked away from the group so they all knew he was happy to be starting his mission, probably even chomping at the bit to do so.  Oh, and he wore his suit even tho his mission does not require a suit.  I think he wanted to at least look like the standard missionary leaving home.  I think it was a perfect choice.

We have 2 boys from our ward called. Ethan has left **
 and Hyrum goes next week. **

 With Cody gone this week that makes 3 Elders I will be writing.  I have always loved writing to missionaries but there haven't been many that I've known lately.  This will be wonderful.

I don't know if I am supposed to feel shocked that I have a grandson old enough to serve a mission but I don't.  I think it's because I always have a 17-year-old Susan still in my heart and head.  I'm not older...I just have a grandson who is.

**A little historical note.  When I was growing up and the boys left for their missions, they had these small folders, some trifolds, to hand out.  On the front was their pictures.  Inside listed their missions and addresses, both home and mission.  They were wonderful keepsakes.  Then the church discontinued this but I was so happy to see that the 2 from our ward handed out similar cards.  If I had scanned the details for either of them, you would have seen where they were going, addresses, countries they were called to serve.  I choose to not add this private information.  The cute last line under Ethan's says:  "Letters/Cards once a week are encouraged." With the fact that all missionaries today get an email address through, it makes writing to them much easier.  But I forsee gift boxes of some kind now and again.  It is just SO nice to have these cards, to put a reminder in my online calendar to write each week.  No, I don't expect an answer...but I know how important it is for them to receive news from home or uplifting stories.


Lin Floyd said...

what a lovely occasion, I have an almost 13 year old grandson but I think that at least one of my twin grand daughters who is 17 will be serving and maybe both. i always wished I had gone on a mission...but got married instead. Two of my four sons went on missions and it was fun writing to them...

Jocelyn Christensen said...

He'll do great!

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