Sunday, July 12, 2015

Christensens come for a visit

Jocelyn and Steve brought the kids here after a huge trip to Palmyra Pageant and Niagra Falls.  It was so much fun having them all here.

Steve awoke Saturday and said, "let's cut down the tree.  I've gained a lot of experience since we did the other 2, including learning how to sharpen the chain without having to buy a new one."  Robert was delighted.  I was nervous.  But the men went off to Lowes to buy the sharpening tool.  Since last year when the 2 trees were removed, Steve has increased his experience by cutting down tall, tall, tall trees from his own yard.

This tree was right next to the sidewalk, bordering on our neighbor's yard to the east.  Have no idea if it's our tree or theirs but we will take responsibility for it.  The two last year would creak in the wind and at night.  This one creaked but was far enough away that we didn't always hear it but BOY WAS IT ROTTEN! Every trunk and limb was like this.
At one point, Guy walked in covered in mud and it was from the rotten part of the tree.

 This huge branch or limb fell with a loud noice but Robert had stacked up 2 sheets of lumber that Hank had left.  It protected the hedge that runs between the 2 front yards.
Sometimes as Steve would be sawing, the limb would just crash down...that's how rotten it was.  Any given storm and that tree could have toppled so we are grateful that at least from these now-gone trees, we are safe.
 It was a hot day and Steve was so generous on his vacation to offer to do this and be so willing.  Robert later cut up the branches into lengths we will use in the fireplace in the winter, or the next 2 winters.  The shirt he was wearing one day has been washed 2x and it still has little splinters of wood in it.  Not sure how to get them out.  And it was a good shirt, too! 

Seems like I just get so busy that I don't get many pictures.  Steve took this picture of Robert with Jocelyn at our lake.

 We were all able to get some food at SL Community Days Saturday afternoon.  And that's always fun.
Robert decided to plant zinnias along the outside of the garden alongside the fence on Warwick.  The zinnias are amazing and are colorful!  I love them!  And he still adores the Gardens of Warwick sign...shows  to everyone

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Lin Floyd said...

how fun to have family visits and helps!

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