Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A different sort of Famiiy Tree

Today we scheduled to go to Patsy's to take her to her doctor's appointment BUT she has wanted to get all her pictures down and in one place.  I asked Jan Warren if she had any of those photo pencils still lying around I could buy but of course she just gave me one.  THEN yesterday when checking to be sure all was as planned she was worrying about defrosting her non-frostfree freezer.  I told her not to lift one finger, that I would do it, expecting it to be like my mom's freezer, or our old one.  We gathered together towels and tarps and my hair blow dryer.

We arrived and the ice was virtually nonexistent.  That's the type of clean freak my godmother is and has always been.  But we took everything out and removed the layer of frost and replaced it all. She was so happy.  Pictures came next and then the doctor and then out for lunch at Kristy's on E 200th. Back for more pictures.  And I just had to snap copies of Patsy and Johnny's wedding pictures and few other ones.  What a lovely bride she was!
This is a picture of Patsy's Grandfather, John Evans...father to her mom, Florida and my grandmother, Gladys.

  This is a picture of a Patsy's dad, Robert Lundy, a very young Bob...taken in England. Bob was a man filled with love and joy and  my mom loved him.  But Florrie had an ongoing affair with Gus Piotrowski and Bob ended up succeeding in taking his own life after several attempts.

   Here is a picture of Florrie and Gus who she ended up marrying.  He was rather successful in many areas but was a rather sourpus.  But he was very good to Patsy's son Jeffrey.

   Here is Patsy's graduation photo.  Pretty, isn't she?

   Here's Johnny's dad,

  And here's Johnny, bare-naked!  and
even as an infant, you can tell it is Johnny.  And boy!  Was he long?!

   And here he is as a Staff Sargeant in the Army during World War II.

  Here is Patsy applying her makeup (which she said she always loved, as did my mom) at her mother's dresser.  But the fun part of this picture is the story she added. She pointed to her stockings and told me to look at them.  "Wow!  Look at those stockings," she said.  And then laughed. Turns out she bought these hot stockings from a man she worked with. She is still chuckling and finally she explained that by hot she meant "HOT" as in STOLEN.  She didn't know it at the time.  But she loved the taupe color and he had quite a supply of them so she bought 6 pairs!  Later she found out they were stolen and was just so happy that she had at least paid for them.  But she repeated she so loved the taupe color.

  Here's she is pinning on a corsage to her mom, Florrie.  This is in Florrie's home.  Florrie, Gus and Patsy lived on the bottom floor, my grandparents and Aunt Carol lived on the 2nd floor, and my parents and I lived on the 3rd floor. When my father died in June 1949, mom and I moved back down to the 2nd floor which left the 3rd floor vacant.

  Here is the bride, holding onto Gus' arm, Johnny is to her right. The wedding took place in The Old Stone Church on Public Square in Cleveland which is still standing.  But look closely at the first pew...see the lady with a baby...that's my mom and me!

As I looked at this picture I wondered what my mom must have been feeling, having just been widowed 3 month previously and sitting there, holding me, and watching her cousin getting married. This must have been so difficult!

  Here's the big smooch!  I teased Patsy that it looked like Johnny was kissing her mouth off!

   The couple's family..Johnny's dad next to him.  Florrie and Gus next to Patsy.

   Back at the home, Johnny and Patsy cut the lovely wedding cake.

  Here is the happy couple in the car after the ceremony.

  Patsy shows off her wedding ring set to her sister, Ven. In the middle is my aunt, Patsy's cousin, Carol.
  Johnny carries Patsy over the threshold of her parents home...10821 Orville Avenue, Cleveland.   And why?  Because now that the 3rd floor was vacant, this is where they started their married life!  Just as my parents did!

  They stayed just long enough to pick up their suitcase and head to their honeymoon at Niagra Falls but returned to their home for a few years.

Since there were no color film in 1949 for commercial use Patsy would always tell us what color the dresses were.  Her dress was a dark blue, Ven's was grey, and Carol's was a rust color with brown gloves.  But the photographer did 'colorization' on some other photos.  And truly, they look lovely done this way.

Patsy poses pretty!

 Here is the wedding party.  Standing behind Carol is Johnny's brother Frank.
 Here is the happy couple standing in front of the fireplace in her parents' home.

 This was such a delightful way to spend the day.  I have always loved looking at pictures, any pictures.  I don't even need to know the owners.  I just love looking at pictures, the subjects as well as the background or things in the pictures.  I love the poses. The looks.  I do like the ones that are posed the same as I like the ones that are caught unawares.  Among the pictures in her albums were these:

  My mom, a young Gladys. Oh how I miss her.

  Me..Strange to look at myself.  Patsy thinks this picture was taken in the hospital.  Not sure about that but who knows.

 And me quite a bit later!


Dawn Barrett said...

oh what fun!! I love that you have captured and stored a bit of precious memories from Patsy. And that baby pix of you...your legs are sooooo long! haha. Love love!

Lin Floyd said...

how fun, you are preserving family photos-would be good to put some of these in familysearch for others to enjoy...and the notes too.

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