Friday, June 26, 2015

The Gardens of Warwick

Dawn and Connor and Evan got together with a man from their ward and worked on this project for Robert for Birthday/Father's Day.  We were going to Columbus to the temple yesterday but realized that it's the same distance up to Detroit...and Robert could bring home his gift that's he's been salivating over.

 It's official.  Here Dawn is presenting this plaque to her dad.
 And here he is smiling as he has been since Sunday when he saw it on Skype.

We had a lovely day in Dawn's neck of the woods.  She had lunch prepared for us (our favorite Chix/Pasta salad) and then we went to the temple.  Afterwards Dawn, Adelle and I took in a short shopping trip and came home to dinner of a Steak/cheese fajitas on the grill. Ken was able to get home in time to eat with us.  Of course Evan, the pickle juice drinker (through a straw no-less) was there too...but Connor was on The Trek.  Usually I say 'stupid trek' because you know how I feel about this activity and was so happy that Adelle was smart enough to not to want to go and wasn't talking into going just to say she went.

We took our leave and before we left Michigan itself, Robert noticed this rainbow.  Sent it to Dawn who replied, 'A perfect end to a perfect day." And it was.
 I drove up and Robert drove down..but of course Niko who loves the kids went with us and of course has to sit on the passenger's lap.  On the way home, it was my lap he lounged on and he was just exhausted from this huge trip.  He barely kept his eyes open.

This morning, the best guy friend arrived ready to help Robert install it.  Ken Barlow arrived with the spray and the electric drill and stainless steel screws.  He inspected it, saw that it was Cedar and said what Dawn and the boys had put on it would be fine, that it would just weather quite well and turn white or grey UNLESS we wanted something else to keep it more as it it today. 
 Of course I didn't want it to turn grey so he sprayed it with something.
 When it was try, Ken drilled in 4 holes in the corners
 His Ryobi has a place told hold the metal bits BUT the stainsless steel screws needed to be held in his mouth...obviously because they wouldn't be held by a magnet.
 Then the two friends placed the plaque at the corner of the fence line and Ken screwed it on.  It is now securely attached. 

Robert is SO excited.

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Dawn Barrett said...

Oh wow! that is amazing and fun!! I'm glad to come up with a gift for Papa that he's really want/enjoy/love...esp since he is so NOT materialistic! And grateful for a planned roadtrip that could be altered to fit both spiritual and temporal needs. I love both of you!

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