Friday, June 26, 2015


Years ago we planted some cherry trees, north of the garage.  Owning to the fact we had 2 huge trees that provided too much shade and the birds snagged the red treats before I realized they were red we've never gotten many. THIS year I was determined to get a crop.  So early on, when the berries started to become pink we wrapped the trees in tulle leftover from Jocelyn's wedding reception.

Today we decided the cherries were red enough. Off came the tulle and down came the fruit.   We had started with bird netting but that was never going to do the job but you can still see it in place. We actually harvest 2 large breadpans filled.  We did the little tree first and when we came out to do the big one a few hours later, I had to leave the job to Robert...the mosquitos were INSANE and I had no intention on being their breakfast/lunch/dinner.

 Naturally 'some' ended up in the mouths/stomachs before reaching the kitchen.

A large bowl and a large bread pan....nice!

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Dawn Barrett said...

cherry cobbler!!
what a great harvest!

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