Saturday, May 30, 2015

Scarlett is 8

And we all know what that means...another baptism.  Scarlett looked so tiny and sweet and wearing the same dress her mom and her Hatch aunties had worn for their baptisms.  We drove to PA on Friday with Dawn and Adelle and had a lovely ride.

Saturday dawned so pretty ... perfect for a perfect child who has been and is being taught all the good things she needs to learn to wise and watchful mom and dad.

Here's she's wearing the pre-baptism dress worn by Ella for a wedding reception and then maybe her own baptism (not sure about that) and then Adelle wore it and now Scarlett. Soon it will be Autumn's time.
 Jocelyn had a picture of her own baptism and Scarlett her it as she stood by the font.

My friend, Brandy, can make any cake or replicate one from a picture and I asked her to make this one for Scarlett's special day.

 PreBaptism photos...such a great daddy.
 The family gathered on the lawn outside their meetinghouse. 
 Here is Scarlett sitting by her Papa...listening to the speaker.  She had asked Dawn to give a talk and of course, Dawn gives great talks, aimed perfectly for the young child, not for the adult level and yet all the adults could learn.

We needed to return home that same night but not before Robert was given his birthday/father's day gift.  Everyone knows Robert's love of books and gardens and here is a very heavy garden decoration.

This was the perfect gift for him, mustached and al.  Book in hand  We carefully wrapped it up and were mindful of it all the way home.  Made it in one piece and it now stands in our backyard, adorning our lives.


Lin Floyd said...

how sweet, great family tradition...

Dawn Barrett said...

yet another perfect road trip...even if we had a gas-less detour...2015 is only half over and just look at all the great days you have had!

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