Friday, May 22, 2015

Cody...Honors and Scholarships


This is a great time in Cody's life.  So much happening and so many changes. 

We weren't able to travel down for his graduation ceremony but that had to be OK.  He had lots of friend things to do and needed to end his high school time with them, not feeling obligated to us, besides we will be there for his mission farewell talk and that is family time.  Cara sent me pictures.

Cody actually had several ceremonies.  For various activites.

This is a wonderful picture of Jacob, the happy dad, saluting his son as Cody entered the field.  I love this shot!
 Can a graduate look any more pleased with himself than Cody does right here?
So love this amazing young man. There's so much instore for him.  He received several honors and a lot of scholarship money but he's opting to begin his mission asap.

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