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Easter Sunday 2015

Easter Sunday is usually the day we recognize and celebrate the Lord's resurrection....sometimes with church service and some years with General Conference (which was this year).  But for me, Easter 2015 will be filled with sadness and tears as it is the day Marissa took the boys with Hank and flew off to California to start a new life.   (and She's the one who promised to stick around and take care of me!)
(look at that face, those eyes!  How could I let Simon go?)

I stopped wearing makeup about 2 weeks ago since the tears seemed to fall at the oddest times (To be honest, I have to say I totally enjoyed not wearing make up at all).  Robert helped Marissa pack sometimes but mostly we just had the 3 boys over here to give her some space.  Let's get something straight here.  I don't mind that they are moving to California altho I think it's a waste of space/state.  I firmly believe all my kids need to go where they can earn a living and provide a good life and environment for the wee ones.
 (really Henry?  You had to write me goodbye notes after each of your names on Robert's seminary white board?)

Dawn began married life in Canton, Michigan, and loved her life there and didn't really want to move to Lake Orion but she did. We can still get to her quickly and she always gets to us even faster still and always said she'll take care of us.   Cara started off in Michigan also and ended up in SW Indiana,  Evansville, about an 8 hour trip but attainable.  Jocelyn seemed to move a few times but finally has settled in Lewisburg,Pennsylvania, about 5.5 hours away.  Jordan was in Columbus and it was wonderful to have our kids surrounding us (in Ohio)  TIL Jordan took a job 2 years ago in Florida.  That was a heart breaker but he's been very good at coming home as well as flying us down to stay with them!  But California?
(Oskar hugs on Bubba or Top Dog as the mood strikes. Either name will do for Robert.)
 (one more visit to the rock with Adelle)

 (or a romp on the island..what will Lake Erie do with these boys?  They may have San Francisco and the ocean but it will never replace OUR Lake).

I am certain the hardest part was having Marissa et al move to Lakewood, about 25 minutes away.  Being able to watch her boys be born and grow up, play, learn to talk...whatever. Then they asked if we could do Sunday dinners together and it was heaven!  We'd swap out dinners almost every week. Here or There.  I think I'd be fine if she moved but left the boys here but really? That was going to happen?  Never!

Jocelyn and kids came to say goodbye.  Dawn and family came through, too, and then went on to a spring break in DC.

It was a crazy week and I was exhausted.

Now who put the
babies in the branches?

Odd to think how much I'll miss their babies, Eeyore (give to Henry at his birth by Pam) and Froggie that belongs to Oskar.  The boys are inseparable from these friends!

 Luckily (perhaps), Marissa's bestest buddy, Michelle Meno drove them to the airport.  Initially I was hurt that I wasn't going to do it but I am sure that Michelle was correct...I wouldn't be able to see to drive.

 (at last I got ahold of Oskar)

Way too many there are now as I write this post.  And I waited a couple of weeks to even do this much and here I sit, with Sears' carpet cleaners in the rooms, weeping. They must think I'm nuts!

 (Evan figured I needed a hug from him even tho he wasn't moving least not yet)

  I had hoped that Marissa would leave after we left to go stay at Cara's for a week and a half. That way, I told myself, I could say goodbye to her in Ohio/Lakewood/Sheffield Lake, drive to Indiana, and when I'd get home she'd be gone.  But that wasn't how it played out.


WELL, MAYBE THIS....A SELFIE FROM THE PLANE.  Looks like Marissa isn't crying.  I am certain the weather is going to be very good for her least I hope so.

And a week or so later, this one was posted to FB. The boys love playing in their backyard in sunny California.  They play all day and are tired by nap/bedtimes.

Is there anything more delicious that these blue eyes amid all the dirt/mud?  How did I ever let him go?

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