Saturday, April 11, 2015

Cody takes Hope to her prom

Hope is Cody's friend. She is in the same program but attends a different high school, only being at Cody's school for half a day each day.  We met her lovely parents and wonderful godparents (I love having had godparents and love it when others have godparents who are as involved with their lives).
Here are pictures from that big date.

Hope is exquisitely lovely and so very nice and fun but she met her match in  Cody...very handsome, very GOOD, so nice and full of fun.  I'm glad they are friends.  I hope to live long enough to see what Cody does with the rest of his life...graduation and then mission and then college...and then?

 Cody was sweet enough to ask for a shot with us!

We left the sweet couple at her home and they went on to the soiree and had more pictures taken which Cody shared with me the next day.

 The couples went to a gold course and everyone got a buggy and they drove around for pictures.  Very clever idea.

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