Thursday, April 02, 2015

Christensens and then the Barretts come to bid Trefethens farewell

We had the Trefethens say with us for several nights so Marissa and Hank could get things ready for the truck. One day I made cookies and Oskar was SO helpful in getting my chocolate chunks out of the freezer.

It was a fun few days with the cousins playing together one more time in The Ohio.  I am so thankful to Jocelyn to putting copies of all these pictures she took onto my computer so I could blog with them now.
Art time at the lake, water painting the lake scenes

Henry found something. So glad he has on his boots!

Honor might be leaving hidden messages in the sand.

There's always treasures to be found at the lakeshore.

Robert enjoyed some time with Guy, too.

Autumn, pretty as always. And her mom says Autumn doesn't even know
how beautiful she is.

Scarlett...can't you just see her as a teen?  If this isn't a power stance, what is?

Honor loves the yard.

Oskar though the gate.  Still wondering when he will get a haircut.
 Scarlett with Oskar.
and be like his Big Brother Henry...what a great face!

Henry and Scarlett

Henry gives the squeeziest with Autumn

The motley crew!

trying to get the grands with Robert but that never did work.

A quiet time between Robert and Honor altho I think Honor is more
interested in Niko.

Through a garden gate.  Oskar is one day older than Honor. 
Since the  Christensens missed 
some school days they had projects to do.  So each of the school
kids made a salt map of the Great Lakes.

Nice job!

Shhhh...look closely.  Two gnomes in the garden...

 When things quieted down and the Trefethen boys went home one last time to their Lakewood home, Jocelyn decided to go visit the lake to see the sunset.

I have to say that the lake has this amazing draw for all my kids (even if I am not an outdoors person).  I've mentioned it before but it remains the same...Our lake is a magnet, a place of peace, a beach/lake to go to when they have needed to regain their center, or to remember where they came from. There's life in our Lake Erie.  There's majesty. And there's power when storms come matter whether it's a rain or a blizzard.  It brings us cooler temps in the summer and keeps us a bit warmer longer as the late fall turns to winter.  When it freezes it is something to behold.  To think that all the kids learned to swim in her!  But oh those sunsets!

Here is Guy in silhouette.  How he got out there is unknown to me.


Guy and Papa yucking it up.

Does Scarlett have bits of ice in her hands?

There's a bit of sadness as I finish up this part of this entry.  A bit of death in heart (too dramatic?  sorry...that's how it feels).  The day dies, Christensens leave for PA the next day, Trefethens leave for CA shortly.  I hope some of them will return again, as often as possible, and walk to this lake to enjoy it's beauty and to remember when they were young on this very shore.

Dawn and family arrived Thursday night to say their goodbye.  Monday they left for DC and spring break fun and games, staying with Christensens on their way home.

 Dawn snuggles with Simon on the floor...

Dawn treated us all to Ice Cream Sundays

My how these boys enjoyed that!

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