Monday, February 02, 2015

February 1, 2015 snowstorm

A wonderful snowstorm hit throughout the day and into the night.  It was easy to watch without fearing anything.  Marissa and the boys came for dinner and stayed through the night...and we had a super food party before bed.

 Oskar was coughing a lot and sadly choked on the phlegm just as we got his bed made and you know what happened next.  So there was a bath and a laundry done.

 Henry is eating some chicken wings so we can be part of the day that all America eats wings. Why in the world anyone eats wings ever is beyond me...and no these are not raw wings.  Just lightly sauced.

This morning Robert bundled up and went out and worked the driveway and sidewalks with the snowblower.  He also directed it around the backyard so Niko could have have 'run' area, and some privacy in the garden section for privacy.  When I let Niko out at about 4:30am, I checked the front yard and it was just snowy but  by the time we awoke for real, the wind must have picked up and drifted the snow into mounds.  SO lovely.

All schools everywhere were cancelled Sunday night.  Perfect!

Shortly before M2T2s left, I had decorated for Valentines.  I love my decorations and I wanted to share them with the boys.  Marissa went out to warm the car and pack it up and here is Oskar, enjoying a music box.  He's a sweet Valentines every day!

This afternoon Robert went out and asked me to snap a photo as he measured what we got...Yup! he said, we got a foot of the snow.  Niko had to see what Robert was doing.
Christmas 2013, M2T2 gave us each a book to write in...Grandma tell me your memories and Grandpa tell me your memories. Robert has completed his and I am almost done.  Yes it took a long time but there were so many memories to remember and to think through.  One question asked something I had seen that was beautiful.  I had to think about that but when we were young, Debi and I had to travel to Campton, Wolf County, KY, to visit Daddy Center's mom. This was truly Appalachia. Poor didn't even describe the people there.  But once we visited some natural bridge in the midst of a huge area of woodland, trees so thick you couldn't even see the ground.  Daddy told us there were areas beneath us that no man had ever walked on (unless it was the Indians).  I remember thinking at that moment...what an amazing sight I was beholding.  It was beautiful and awe-inspiring. As I wrote about this I realized this is why I cannot live in a land with no season, no snow, no beautiful mountains, covered with plantlife.  It's why I had so much dislike for Kennewick and the desert city, the ugly mountains in Provo/SLC.  I know everyone gets their preferences and their loves/likes. And altho I am not a fan of being housebound altho I am most comfortable in my home any given day, I happen to really love the wild blizzard like days of this weekend.  The perfect whiteness that greets me from the windows, the huge snowplows and the men driving them in an effort to keep the roads clear and safe for us.  I love the dripping of the snow this afternoon as the sun shines its power on the the world around me and melting the cold.  Even tho it is a bit cold, it's not sub-zero...and I know that Spring will come...with other glories.  And then summer with its heat and blooms. Then fall with the produce and colored leaves and wonderful smells. And then we will be back to a day like today.  It's all such a wonder cycle.  I was made for this land.  THE better place for me.

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Lin Floyd said...

snow-brr! I prefer redrock deserts, warmth in winter and being able to see long! Daniel got stuck in Chicago airport all day yesterday trying to get home to Utah from a conference. Too much snow.

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