Friday, January 09, 2015

THE weekend...January 3-4

Soon the family started to arrive, those that could.    I had spent Dec 31 with Patsy for hours, making the arrangements for Johnny's funeral which couldn't be held til Monday, Jan 5, due to the holiday.

Saturday, Jan 3, was when they said they would be coming in but had no idea the time.  Saturday afternoon we had planned and arranged for a celebratory luncheon for Ken Bruderer at Olive Garden. I actually was grateful the funeral wasn't til Monday for several reason, including this party.

In addition to helping Linda with her MS needs, Ken has been laid off from the steel mill several times but still went back to college to slowly complete a degree in electrical engineering.  When this was done, I felt we needed to party his efforts. we didn't tell him what was up but just left him to think it was just 4 couples (them, us, Staffords, Warrens) going out to eat.  We then included Jill and Mary Beth and the 2 Hansens and David Bruderer and his family. Both Ken and Linda were surprised.  It was a lovely afternoon.  While there I got a text that Jocelyn's crew had arrived.

So we went home to find them baking some cookies.  Soon Dawn arrived and after midnight, Dawn and Robert drove to the airport to pick up Cara, Kipp and Cody. I tried to fall asleep but know my kids were coming in I just couldn't sleep...and it was so good to see them.  I worried cuz initally Cara was going to drive up for the funeral but Jacob bought airline tickets for them.  As sad an occasion as a funeral is, the upside is that I got to have Cara here for her 40th birthday.  Jacob is so generous all the time but this was even more generous of him.

I think we had a pretty good lunch for her birthday.  It was a bit crazy at times.    We had 2 beef roasts and mashed potatoes, green bean casserole and I had made brioche rolls.  Then came the cakes and the gifts.
 I think Cody was very happy to see the DQ cake even tho Cara had asked for brownies (which she also got).

 Socks from Kipp and Cody as well as a scarf.

A pretty bracelet from us.  Cara had also asked for a picture of her as a baby with me.  That was a little hard to find but I did manage it.  This one was on her blessing day.

 This was Pioneer Day, 1975

Oh her first birthday 1976

Back when the kids were born there was no such thing as a selfie and I was usually the one behind the camera.  Cara was sweet enough to say that I was alway selfless.  I actually found 3 pictures and sent them to a Walgreens in her area to print off so she could get them and I would not have to worry about them being ruined in the mail or getting there late.

 A lovely handmade book from Scarlett.
 A lovely green scarf/wrap from Christensens.

 Cara collects hot wheel cars so Marissa/family and Dawn presented her with 40 new hot wheel cars!  And check out the green wrap/scarf from  Christensens.

 Dawn also gave her a lovely necklace that will arrive at her home.
 And who doesn't like DQ ice cream cake?  Oskar sure does!

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Dawn Barrett said...

Great loved my 40th bday. I hope cara did too!

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