Monday, January 19, 2015

Darkness vs. Light

I find it interesting how one image can spark a remembrance and a lesson....and then sometimes, sadness.

Years ago, for whatever reason, Stake Conferences were not held in the Stake Center but were moved to various venues...Lakewood  Civic Auditorium, Fairview Park High School Auditorium, etc.  There was more room, plenty of parking, more time for meeting up with friends without feeling we were being too gabby.

But there was this pivotal moment one year.  As we had arrived and chatted and settled down for the opening, the house lights dimmed, leaving only the lights on the stage lit as usual..  Suddenly the visiting authority (who I remember as being Elder Nelson) got up before even the first song and asked that the lights be turned back on.

Then he delivered the best instruction we would ever get, and all this before the first song.  We are to be directed by the Spirit in all things and the Spirit is Light and Truth. At no time are we to be swayed by darkness or incense or perfumes or candles or what have you.  We are not to be distracted nor distract from that Spirit.  Yes, the lights were turned up and never were lowered again for a conference. We had all been taught and had all learned a lesson.

I noticed this picture over the weekend, tagged to someone in my FB friends list (which is never a list that goes up to 100....I am pretty choosy but I also do not depend on FB for my friends nor socialization).  This is a bunch of men gathering for their standard party.  You can see what's going on.

I think I'm pretty savvy when it comes to internet games but truthfully I have no clue.  I now wonder why in the world would a bunch of men gather for a PARTY, sit in the dark, with earphones, and play games, on their own computers?  I understand the counsel given by church leaders as well as the counsellors who try and get kids/adults off this activity.  I NOW understand the spouses' worry and concern and anger and fear and tears.  They know far better than I what this does to homes and more importantly to individual spirits. It's such a horrible battle to fight as you attempt to teach your kids why this is not a party.ESPECIALLY WHEN 'EVERYONE' IS DOING IT!   You cannot dabble in things like this and not think it effects your whole being.

This picture kept me awake throughout the night til finally I had to get out of bed and post this.  I have no other words.



Lin Floyd said...

sadly the screens are getting smaller and go everywhere with us, stopping human interaction, emotions and connections!

Dawn Barrett said...

sadly, they are at it again tonight...

and you can bet that I know exactly what King Benjamin said when he said that the men where breaking the hearts of the women...or whatever that line was. I know EXACTLY what they must have felt!

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