Sunday, January 18, 2015


Death's continue among friends I have or family of those friends.

Just last   Friday morning (Jan 16) this beautiful lady passed away.  Dana posted this pix of her grandmother in healthier days.  This woman is my friend Jan Wolf's mom.  Jan has been out in Utah to be with her mom in these last days and then the grandkids arrived.  Dana posted some amazing picture of her and Meghan snuggling with their grandmother.  Today I saw this picture of the grands, in the grandma car, drinking cups of Postum and remembering and laughing and being silly.
  I am sure the grandma was in that car with these kids, enjoying their laughter and stories.  I had responded with a promise to drink a cup of Postum in her honor and so I did.

I set my breakfast table as my grandmother always did...with the little sugar cubes and the 'canned' milk (evaporated milk if you've never heard that term...canned)...but this is not a rare thing.  I always do use little sugar cubes and canned milk.  NEVER would the Postum jar be on the table but this was for Dana and Meghan and Jan.  The cup/saucer are from my childhood and I hope the girls can each take a tea cup of their grandma home with them.  Mine is from the same company that now produces FiestaWare, Homer Laughlin.  I love Fiestaware but prefer the daintiness of this line.

On January 12, our Bishop's dad died.Walter Nelson Falke Good looking man, beautiful wife.  People have commented that Rob looks like his dad. I guess in a way he does but there's a great combo of genes for Rob of both his parents.  AND the bishop's wife, Robin, lost her cousin the day before.  It's going to be a week filled with memories for this family as well, and I also hope it's filled with laughter.

But for me, a death came my way again...way too soon after Uncle Johnny.
This is Carole Jasonne Morgan.  Carole and her husband Chuck were the stalwarts in our ward.  Amazing couple  Chuck died a couple of years ago on Jan 13...Carole passed on Jan 9.  Even on the previous Sunday Carole was in church, on her walker, lugging around the O2.  Last year she came in with a piece of jewelry on and I complimented her on it.  It was ladybugs and cute and spunky.  A few weeks later she told me to hold out my hand and when I did she placed that piece in it.  She assured me it was just some costume jewelry she picked up at a garage sale.  Carole was always doing this.  She was RS president, Primary President, Seminary teacher who a bunch of other callings.She loved the little children in church and each Sunday she had a piece of candy for one of the boys in church,Gavin.  I must remember to take a piece to give him today, in honor of Carole. She was often the one who quietly served others in her healthier days. Never demanding any thing in her not so healthy last days.  It was an honor to dress her and to participate in her funeral.  Carole always had an opinion about everything, not that we always agreed.  But at least I knew where she stood.

And today Carole and these other folks now stand in a different sphere, not mortality.  I find myself filled with a lot of melancholy.  I do love The Plan...just not when I'm the one left without those I love.  I missed my mom and grandmother a lot this week.  I can almost hear Bonpapa when I studied the lesson for RS last night.  Just like Ezra Taft Benson, he usually thanked more than he asked.  I long to see my other fathers...Henry, John, Richard ,Johnny.  I think of my friends who died in Vietnam or through illnesses that took them too early, or car accidents.  And I it fun in heaven?  Besides the work they are doing or the studies they have, are they having fun?  I am going to believe they do.  But I still miss them.  One and All.


Lin Floyd said...

no one knows when their time to graduate will come, what a wonderful reunion we will have one day!

Dawn Barrett said...

i'm sure she misses you too..

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