Thursday, December 18, 2014


Jocelyn asked for some Christmas photos...which I could scan ONCE I found where I had put the album with all the official pictures taken with Santa. She's also making a 'tree' picture with jewelry and I found a couple of pieces I was willing to share with her.  Of course that meant I had to find my mom's 'tree' hanging which I've written about last year.  Totally forgot where I had put it.  I didn't want it in the basement and actually would like to have it out all year long.  Luckily Robert felt impressed that I had wrapped it up and stored it under the bed in the gold room...and he was correct.

But I had one more piece to add...and it was a charm my grandmother, Gladys Holman, always wore on a bracelet (which also held 2 other charms, pictures of Dawn and Cara).  This was a December calendar with a diamond on the 25th.  In 1923, my grandmother married Poppy...the love of her life, my mom's and mine.  Until Robert, I don't think I'd ever met a man as great as my Poppy.

I wonder if I could have a charm made like this for May 27, 1972?  I think I ought to start a quest to find one.

Merry Christmas.....this morning I put on an album to listen to, to sing along with.  My mom worked at Alcoa and one year (1979) their 'singers' put out an album called "An Old-fashioned Christmas" but our favorite side was the one with "The Stingiest Man in Town". This was a remake album from the TV broadcast of the musical based on Dicken's story.  Very cute music.  I had transferred the vinyl to a CD...and it's still good enough to enjoy and always brings back memories of playing it with my kids each Christmas.

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Jocelyn Christensen said...

I have been wanting to listen to that music but cannot locate the cd...and the charm is so special! Thank you for scanning!

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