Friday, December 19, 2014

Doug and Sophia Bosch


Nah, that's not their real last name but it is their first and they are closely associated with Bosch to me.  I'm going to say that about 1980, they blew into town and my life has never been the same.  All to the good in case you wondered.

This young couple came to Lorain County in order to teach us the benefits of whole grains.  They sold Magic Mill products as well as the Bosch Kitchen mixers.  Altho we were a bit older than they were, we fast became friends.  Doug is quiet and sensitive. Sophia is sensitive and maybe not so quiet.  We were in a dinner club together.  Doug came for Robert one night when he needed help getting a couple of elders out of some girls' apartment. We played and laughed together.  I think I gave her a baby shower.  One day Sophia gave a talk in church and asked everyone to scoot over 3 spaces in the pew to the left, then 3 to the right and then thanked us for cleaning up the chapel.

I really loved that Bosch machine but there was just no way we could afford one.  I told her so.  Often. But one day I drove into the yard and discovered this huge box by the backdoor with a note that said, "Sell 3 more and then this is yours."  I did and it was.  And I will always prefer my Bosch over a Kitchenaid.  It has a much more powerful motor and can mix up to about 12 loaves of whole wheat bread!  Not to mention all the other things it does.  All my kids were raised on that Bosch one way or another.

But the economy wasn't good.  Actually it was really bad. No one could afford the machines nor were they much interested in eating healthily.  So Sophia and Doug moved back to Utah.  Our phone bills were astronomical back then because long distance rates existed back then.  So did Ma Bell (til 1982).  Plus there was the 2 hour time different.  But we still figured out how to call each other...and paid through the nose. I think Doug tried to stop us a few my house I always paid the bills and Robert actually never saw the bills.  Then they moved to Indiana and we visited them a few times.  Back to Utah they went and there they've stayed.  She is the one who picked up Jordan from the airport and transported him to the MTC, staying with him as a mom, in my stead, until they separated through different doors.  But the phone calls continue as do emails and texting now.  It's been a wonderful, forever kind of friendship, loveship, actually.

In the past  month I've heard how Sophia's Bosch, purchased in 1977, was dying. She made it through Thanksgiving but it finally gave up the ghost Wednesday.  I told her just to buy one, offered to loan her the money as she 'loaned' me the Bosch until I 'paid' her back.  Naturally she said 'no' hoping that Doug would miss his green-colored 'brews' (blender drinks) enough to give in.  She had been looking at used ones but when she asked me I told her that for me, when it comes to electronics and computers, I only buy new.

Today was going to be the day they walked into Kitchen Kneads to buy oats and I told her I'd hold my breath til she told me what happened.  This is the first picture that came in this afternoon..they are at the store and it's a pricey deal.

 BUT SANITY AND JOY PREVAILED.  Here's my sweet friend, in all her goodness and creativity, ready to make something.  So glad to see she got the new attachments (which I bought for myself earlier this month)'s going to make a difference.
First she told me she was making banana bread but the next text told me that altho the bread was rising, she remembered Doug's company party was tonight, not tomorrow and she had to leave the rest of the bread baking to her daughters.

So both of us are happy and for the same reason...Sophia got a new Bosch...and now I'm the jealous one.  Yes, mine still works but she's got the new model!

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Lin Floyd said...

you look like sisters-some friends are like that!

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