Monday, December 01, 2014

Barlow/Hatch Christmas Craft

Each year, Pam and I made some sort of craft (in multiples) for our friends for Christmas.  We make so many of them so all our people are covered and so we don't have to ever do the craft again. Thanks to Jocelyn last year, we had this year's craft all set.

In late summer I started to hunt for used Scrabble games and lucked out.  Bought 2 at the Hickories Porch sale and then bought one from my good neighbor, Sandra.

On a bitter day in November, probably one of the coldest nights, I went to Hank's to use his drill press.  I knew it was in his garage so I dressed warm.  I made dinner and took it with us and we warmed our bodies on Holly's Mac and Cheese with Smoked Sausage.  But dear Hank with Marissa's help, hauled his drill press into his dining room corner  and I drilled most of the holes in the Scrabble tiles til I turned over the fun to Robert who did a few more.  I was trying to spare him since he had just had hernia surgery.

 One Saturday after a dinner out with Barlows we stopped at Catans to buy the other needed things and today we got together in the morning to start the assembly work

It's always fun to have Ken and Robert together but again I realized that men and women do not work the same way....something Pam has attempted to tell me...that working with Ken isn't always the best idea.  Obviously.  Because once Ken decided he had a better way to assemble these ornaments Robert had to do it Ken's way.  Which in my book (and probably Pam's) was NOT the best way.  By the time I realized Robert was not following the instructions he had assembled too many ornaments so I just did the best I could at tightening them.  Some will be redone when neither men are watching but basically, they are fine for what they are. They will only be an ornament that hangs on the tree.

The men didn't appreciate my comment that the elf on the shelf or in the tree couldn't ring the bell on theirs as easily as they could on Pam's or mine. They just continued to do their own thing.  I have a feeling that it will just be Pam and me putting the finishing touches on the ornaments. 

At least for 2014, our gifts are well on their way to being done.

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