Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Turkeys for Robert's Seminary Turkeys

This was the last Seminary before  Thanksgiving and I had fully intended to make the Turkeys that Pillsbury showed but with home made cinnamon rolls. Instead, yesterday the winds equaled an EF0 tornado, a tree fell on Idlewood onto the wires and knocked out the electric grid for the western end of Paradise.  This was bad for 2 reasons ... the turkeys and I was also to bake rolls for the Hickories...the Lorain County Historical Society Thanksgiving luncheon.  I waited. I waited.  I waited. Finallly, I went to BJs to buy some, fearing the power would not come back on in time.  All the while I knew that when I drove into the driveway, the power would no doubt have been restored.

And yes, it was...but those hard, crispy rolls at BJs are fine...maybe for me for later or maybe even for Thanksgiving at Dawn's.  But I did have time to make the Hickories rolls
...mainly because with these women, everything is homemade.  It's a delight to be with people who actually still cook and enjoy it and appreciate what effort each of them put forth to provide excellent dishes.

I awoke at 4:40am and started the turkeys for the Seminary kids...It was fun.  They turned out cute and the human turkeys enjoyed them.

Now to watch the stupidity of the mobs in Fergusen, MO, maybe grab a nap, and then off to the Hickories...and then the dash to get things done and packed to leave for MI tomorrow...Christensens are due here tonight about 10...cannot wait.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

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Lin Floyd said...

how fun, sounds like you'll be some of family too for thanksgiving. Daniel cooks and all are invited but the other two Hatch sons avoid Utah and the mormons...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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