Sunday, November 02, 2014

Time to return home

Soon we had to leave...or so we thought. We were scheduled to leave on Saturday, Nov 1 at 10:30. We boarded the plan and taxied out.  Then stopped. I figured we were waiting out turn.  Not so. Some problem with the instruments and we had to return to the gate AND get off the plane...FOR HOURS.  People were so not happy.  Robert and I were just grateful we had Jordan/Hillary's home to return to if needed (and it was) and that Robert was retired and we wouldn't be missing any work.

We switched our tickets to leave on Monday since we were tired of waiting for 6+ hours.  As we went to get our luggage and await Hillary to pick us up, another passenger told us that the flight was totally cancelled!  Jordan managed to switch us to Sunday flight without any additional fees because it had been cancelled and not just delayed.  We went to dinner and then to a park to play with the kids.  It was a relaxed evening and delightful unexpected times together.  I just felt bad for Hillary who had just cleaned the house for the the coming of their best friends, the Eves.  But she was so gracious and said we could just spend the winter with them.

Sunday we returned to the airport, boarded the 8am flight and again, were asked to get off.  This time the plane had hydraulic problems. Our gate had 2 guards that stood near to be sure nothing got out of hand.  The passengers WERE IRATE!  Some people were losing work time, three others had tickets for the Browns' game that afternoon and that was not going to happen.

When the 10am flight from Cleveland arrived, 5 more security guards were called to guard that gate and those passengers because our passengers were demanding to be put on that 10:30 flight back to Cleveland and bump off those passengers which was not going to happen!  This is what we saw until 3:30

Bored people just staring out the window at the plane that supposedly, hopefully was being repaired. One woman was calling Joe Pagonakis from WEWS, the consumer advocate.  Others called Carl Monday.  Some called and screamed at Frontier airlines.  What really infuriated the passengers was that all the people who showed up at the gate were NOT employees of Frontier, only the airport, and could answer no question.

But at about 3:30 we were boarded and actually got off the ground.  I prayed all the way home!  Hank picked us up and had dinner ready for us to eat when we got home which was so welcome.  Frontier offered no real food which would have cost anyway.

But it was a great vacation and we loved being with the Florida family who treated us so well.  Later we learned that Frontier had given us $600 in vouchers to fly again with them.  So it looks like we will one day joyfully return to long as NHB stays down there!

But it is wonderful to come home and enjoy the season of Fall....wonderful grey skies, sun and chill.  Plus the wonderful mums!

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