Thursday, October 30, 2014

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Our time was winding down and Jordan and Hillary made sure we saw as much as we possibly could without too much tiring out of the kiddies. But these 3 little ones were so good at doing all we did.

One day we went to Pine Island for ice cream and to visit their library.  I am always up for visiting a library.
 This is the Great Licks Ice Cream Shop...excellent ice cream.  Out back was this eagle posed at the top of the pole for the longest time.
  Marius seemed to enjoy the library as well.

  One night we watched the kiddies so Jordan and Hillary could go to dinner alone as well as do a little shopping.  Hillary is very good at shopping the sales and ends up with great steals and deals.  I think they went to the Bonefish Grill.  We ate at one when we were with the Kennedy's in FL last year.

 This is a site often seen...Rob cuddling with his dad while computering.  Rob is amazing...he is so technologically inquisitive.  Robert is sure he's going to end up at MIT with some saving device that wee Rob will have developed.

Here I am with Miss Lily as we craft.  I'm telling you, Lily can craft anything.  She's very methodical about how to begin and how to proceed.  She creates new concepts, not just follows what is on the picture. That part is so me.  No inventiveness in my bones!
 And boy can she paint. One afternoon Robert joined her for some art he is with his wonderful dog that his former b-i-l taught him to draw when he was about 10.  It's only dog he draws actually altho Robert is quite the artist.  I hope once he relaxes enough after retirement that he might pick up the brushes again.

Robert and Rob enjoyed some cleaning up time together...using the spray was a big thing for Rob.  The men were very good at cleaning up and Jordan was so kind to mention how much easier it was for him to clean up with extra adult hands...meaning mostly his dad altho I did help if I wasn't needed to play with the grands which of course if my first priority.

One night we had popcorn made this the above contraption which I bought after we returned.  I am not a popcorn lover unless it's in the theaters.  Robert likes to eat those horrible microwave packets that have caused cancer in the people who work at these production plants.  This allows you to pop corn in the microwave but with oil and seasoning. Easy clean up too.
Now we come to my favorite part. After years and years of NOT having a smart phone, Jordan finally needed one for work.  He got one for himself and one for Hillary.  Iphone 6.  Now you know how I love all things computer so the iPhone (thanks Jacob for my first one ever as well as my iPad) is just a marvel to me.  It was fun to see Jordan open his and get it set up...certain he was that when he used his finger scan to start that it would set off Skynet...the self aware artificial  intelligence system featured in the Terminator movies, with the goal of exterminating the whole human race.  So far we are still here!

Jordan has despised how the smart phones have captivated the human users to the point of not interacting with other humans.  I get it.  I agree with is.  Just as with our land line at home, we don't answer any phone if we are involved with dinner or guests.  But these things are so convenient.  Once I knew Jordan was playing with his phone and saw Hillary signal to him that it was time to put it down and talk with us.  I smiled at her and was laughing hysterically inside my head because I would have been exactly the same.  First time with a smart phone was heavenly.  So amazing, this form of communication!  I am sure when the Savior comes again, and when the entire world sees him at the same time, some sort of technology like this is going to be involved. But for now, I'm just glad to be able to face time with them as I do with M2T2 or Skype with Barretts or Christensens.  Hoping some time that the Kennedy's lives slow down enough that we can facetime with them.

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