Friday, November 28, 2014

Thanksgiving at Barretts

We had a lovely visit with the Christensens (who arrived from PA late Tuesday night) before we all took off for Michigan to celebrate Thanksgiving with the Barretts.  Everyone had a place to land, to sleep, to play, to nap.  Poor Steve ended up with Strept throat but went to an urgent care facility and get meds.

Early Thursday Dawn called for a Turkey Trot...only she, Jocelyn, and Guy and Evan actually did the 1 mile run but they all had fun.

 Then Robert wanted to see if there was a large rock from the bog behind the Barrett home that he could put in our Garden of Warwick.  There was but it was so huge they needed a wagon to haul it to the car. That meant Evan and Guy needed to have some fun as well.

 Dinner was the standard. Dawn loves my mom's dressing/stuffing and it smelled exactly as my mom use to make it.  I was mixing it all together and had fond thoughts of seeing her make the dish.  I am not a huge dressing fan but I don't mind make it nor stuffing it into the bird.

Desserts abounded not to mention all the candies and granola that Jocelyn made.

Friday morning we had a talent show.  Everyone participated and we went from youngest to oldest...that was my plan because I am the oldest but I also wanted my 'talent' to be last.
Honor sang very shyly.  Autumn and Scarlett showed off their singing and artwork and piano playing.  Guy plays the piano as well.  Evan played his bell kit, Adelle told us how she babysat and earned money this summer to buy not only a laptop but also a tablet and a chair for her room.  Connor told us about his adventures with the robotic team at the high school.  Jocelyn and Steve juggled clementines.  Dawn told us how she swims. Ken showed us how to repair a wall which he's doing under one of the front windows (and they have brand new windows installed just the Saturday before). Robert balanced on his head as well as showed off his sketch book that's probably 50 some years old but it's something he'd like to get back to doing now that he's retired.

My talent was the capelet I had knitted on Dawn's request.  She had bought the yarn but didn't realize I had actually finished it.  She was happy. I was happy.  I so do love to knit.Here is Little Red Riding hood..but wait!  There's more.

 Reverse it and you get the wolf!  It's warm and Dawn says she's going to wear it after she swims so she won't be so cold.

We visited Canterbury Village but were so disappointed to realize that the huge building with all the wonderful wood work and excellent pieces that were brought from Europe has been sold to a mega church.  All the Christmas departments are not located in various building, still on the Village site but separate. We weren't the only people disappointed.  Bought a new ornament for our tree, and 4 eighth notes bell ornaments for our musical friends.  We also went to the mall just to see what we could see...a lot of people.  More food for last Jocelyn got her Nacho Bar.  Afterward the kids played and we 6 adults played a dice game I had bought Ken decades ago...Dicecapades.  It really was unusual and a lot of fun.

Saturday we had breakfast and started our return trip home.  It is always sad to leave a gathering like this.  I had hoped to have been able to part with Niko, leaving him with Dawn since we are going to Seattle next week but I just couldn't. I guess I've had to replace my kids who are now all grown (with kids of their own) with this very special dog.  Niko is thrilled to be able to sit on my lap and watch the miles speed by.  Look at how happy he is.
Christensens stopped by in order to pick up a few things they had left here as well as get some other things.

Robert even received one
 Here is Miss Honor and I doing the fish kiss goodbye.  The Christensens and Robert drove to M2T2.  Hank, Robert and Steve went to Metro Hardware so Steve could buy a piece of wood.  The cousins played while the girls had some sister time. Then the Christensens headed for home but had one stop at the Ouredniks, sharing their home crafted joke book, an early Christmas gift.

It was late but Jocelyn felt they needed to continue on home...and it's a good thing, too. This is the report Jocelyn posted on FB about what they found when they entered their home:

Most of you know that I spent the better part of last week cleaning my basement. As I worked, I felt prompted to put these items away in a special way. Now I know why. We came back (earlier than planned) from our Thanksgiving trip last night at 2am to find that our 1st floor bathroom had leaked and the water was draining into the basement. Our hardwood floors in the living room sustained damage, walls and ceilings are damaged and some boxes and frames were lost. But the items that I was prompted to move to other locations or to store in a different way than I had planned were spared. These included the few wedding photos we have, kids' special keepsakes, all of my journals, special photos of ancestors, my favorite needlework, and other handmade Christmas decorations I've received over the years from family. I know that the little voice inside of me that was asking me to make small changes in the way I was cleaning the basement was the holy spirit guiding me so that my most precious belongings were not lost. I know that not every situation turns out this well, but I also know now more than ever that God cares about the details of our lives, and if we LISTEN MORE and respond to the small requests he makes through that little voice inside each of us, we can weather the storms of life (big and small) in a better way. And "bad" things that happen to us can build our faith and our relationship with Him. I am so grateful to know a God who is so personal to the point that He saved the things that had a special place in my heart, which could not really be replaced. I could not be happier and am so grateful for this experience.

Yes, insurance will cover it. We are all grateful for this and grateful there wasn't any additional days for that toilet to leak.  Typical of Jocelyn to be able to put a good spin on the event and not hang she really one of ours?  My female ancestors were great crepe hangers.

We missed Cara and the Kennedys but they chose to stay home and celebrate Cody's last year home.  Marissa and the men/boys flew to Colorado to be with the Trefethens and had a wonderful time in that state.  Jordan and the NHB enjoyed the day, sharing it with their new electric smoker and new friends.

All in all, 2014 has given us much to be grateful for.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds love-ly! family is what it's all about....

Dawn Barrett said...

A great recap of my favorite holiday!

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