Sunday, November 09, 2014

Robert's surgery

Friday, Robert had hernia surgery...a second one this year.  The first was in March and the recovery was easy.  This didn't go so well, at least the recovery but there is a reason.

Here he is really still out of it.  Could barely open his eyes and talked funny.  Had to pee every 10 minutes but attempting to imitate Rob, he'd say POOOOOP in a quiet voice, eyes closed.  The O2 strip on his forehead had to be placed there because when it was on his finger, he kept tapping the finger to some unheard rhythm and it wouldn't record correctly.

  I got him home and resting but by Saturday he was determined that he could attend the Broadway Series show of Newsies.  I didn't think it was a good idea because in order for us to buy the Broadway Series we have balcony seats.  Playhouse Square is vintage and historic theaters...meaning no elevators. We did take the elevator in the parking garage but there are a lot of steps and a lot of people he had to jostle through.  But the show was worth it, I guess.
 A huge newspaper/banner was set up so that you could have your picture taken.  It's a bit dark but you can see that we were all ready for fun.  Below is Robert with Kitty Buchan and Daphne Fredricks who attend the shows with us.

 I had promised Robert...who loves weird hats, that if they had a newsies cap I would buy him one...they did.
When Cara saw this picture she sent me the one below with Kipp and Peter in their newsies caps and ready to fire their slingshots.  Straight out of Newsies, I entitled their picture BROOKLYN! who came to the aid of the newsies in a rather exciting scene in the movie.  Love it boys, and you!

The next day, Sunday, was Lakewood Ward's Primary Sacrament Meeting Program and I wanted to see Henry.  Robert could not get out of bed at all so I went alone.  It was an adorable program and Henry, in all his innocence and joy, sang his heart out.  He was easily heard and so happy to be singing.  In one song the parents joined the Primary and sang two of the verses.  You could see Henry turn to see his parents, Hank on one side, Marissa on the other.  Such a perfect moment.

 Hank is on the far right with the dark glasses.  Marissa is on the left, 2nd one in wearing dark blue.  Henry has turned to look at his dad.

 The best part was as you entered the chapel there was this display of the families and the temples made out of sugar cubes or marshmallows by the kids.

 A large temple was created brick by brick throughout the presentation, with Moroni being added last.

The whole event was delightful for me but being able to sit with my grands was fun too,, especially when Marissa and Hank went up to sing.  I got Oskar to stay with me and had Simon on my lap.  Perfect day.
  I was very sorry Robert had to miss this but the M2T2s came to dinner at 5:30 and stayed to chat/play.  So Robert wasn't so left out...but he is so tired!  Now to learn to do nothing but repair.

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Lin Floyd said...

hope robert is improving healthwise, sounds like a fun time with family...

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