Saturday, November 22, 2014

Friends on Earth


I made pasties this week.
This is one of two that I took with me to my godparents on Thursday.  Patsy's mom, Florrie (Florida, named for a mine in  England or maybe Africa, not the US state) used to love a pasty with an egg in it and my grandmother would make one for her as Florrie aged and suffered from Alzheimer/Dementia.  I just wanted my godparents to have something good to eat, not just that junk that sits on a shelf forever and only gets nuked. Plus it's been beyond cold and a pasty is always a great thing to eat on such days.  I made us 2 yesterday.

But on Tuesday at the RS midweek meeting we had a Thanksgiving Gala...which brought out 13 brave ladies because it was subzero...and very dark.  I was asked to be the speaker for the night, talking about's history, how I got started, what and why I knit.  I agreed but had no guess as to why I was asked to talk on this topic but the ladies were very receptive and kind.

We had begun the evening by singing the hymn, For the Beauty of the Earth..which includes this 3rd verse:

For the joy of human love, Brother, sister, parent child
Friends on earth, and Friends above,
For all gentle thoughts and mild,
Lord of all, to thee we raise
This our hymn of grateful praise.

I sat on the side and marveled that as often as I had sung this hymn, I had missed that one line.  OR perhaps it's because that night my grandma and mom were very near.

I had rheumatic fever when I was about in first grade and spent most days in bed. To wile away my time, my mom provided me with crafts to do and then with my grandma, they taught me how to knit.  So I owe a lot to them.  Not just for entertaining me but for giving me the start of skills that I could be grateful for all these years later.

Knitting provides a sort of yoga/zen experience. When I knit I am in the moment, life slows down, I think of all the nameless knitters before the Industrial Revolution who sat and learned and provided protection from weather and clothing.  It satisfies my need to create and provide beauty.  I recognize the need for repentance and understand it better. When I err in knitting I also need to take even more time to take out each stitch til I get back to the correct one and then with life.  When I err it takes longer to get back the 'land' I've lost.

These are few of the things I showed off (and truly, it was nice to be allowed to show what I was taught and explain what I continued to learn).  Hats, scarves, gloves, afghans and of course the wonderful Baby Mary Jane baby shoes that I've made for everyone since I was 8 years old.  

I taught about being a picker or a thrower (I am a thrower), and showed the pin I got when I learned to do the Portugese style from a now-gone knitting shop in Avon.

So as we head closer to Thanksgiving I am so grateful for my FRIENDS above, who gave me all I am!  I am grateful for you, my readers.  I don't keep track on who read or leave comments online, but there are those who drop me a note personally.  I love that connection.  We are all stitches, knitted together through family, experiences, organizations, and sometimes, just as ships passing in the night.


Lin Floyd said...

loving remembrances of times past. my mom taught me to knit right handed cause she was but I was left!

heather said...

For some reason, this is the song that has become my lullaby for Emily. That is my favorite verse and I thank God for the wonderful human love from this tiny happy creature who fills our home with so so much love.

Dawn Barrett said...

what a great collection...what an accomplishment!

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