Thursday, November 27, 2014

BE Grateful

This Pilgrim couple has graced our home since 1976 when I made them in a  Relief Society Homemaking Meeting.  By far my favorite Thanksgiving couple.  A year later, I was asked to teach the ladies how to make them in our new ward. That was when Homemaking Mtgs were held on Saturday mornings.  I think about 15 ladies made the pair..and one flat out refused to go home til she got hers done so we were there longer than normal...thank you Debbie Everett.  I have loved this couple each year, made some repairs throughout the years but see they need some more gentle care.

This year we will be in Michigan celebrating this wonderful day of gratitude with the Barretts and the Christensens.  The Kennedys are savoring their last year with Cody as a 'kid'.  The Trefethens are enjoying the holiday in Denver with Trefethens.  And of course, our Floridians have opened their home to a couple who has just moved down there and the NHB will share the family traditions.

Things I am thankful for (with homage to Bopapa):  The Atonement and Christ in my life.  Membership in the church, Callings.  An attached garage.  A new and wonderful refrigerator.  Pam and Ken.  Knitting needles. Ancestors who went before me.  A warm home.  A wonderful dog, Niko, who is such a great companion and funnier than all get out at times.  Absynth who is probably never going to die.  Kids who always invite us to spend holidays and regular days with them.  Skype.  Cell phones.  iPads.  Digital books.  2 oven stove.  Warm home large enough to house whoever shows up. Friends like Holly who will come and collect our mail, or check on our home, or 'break in' to celebrate my birthday.  Connie and Gary, particularly Gary who honks his horn on his way to work each day.  Lauren and her kids.  Teri and her humor and wisdom.  Linda and her willingness to read and study with me.  Kitty who serves everyone.  Daphne who is willing to drop everything. Warm socks.  Eye glasses.  Doctors. Mammograms like I had yesterday (really? that's how I celebrate Thanksgiving?).

Cricut and Scaleable Vector Graphics.  Marc's.  Succulents.  Perrenials.  Essential Oil that helps me breathe.  Photographs.  Prius.  Memories of family and friends who have moved beyond this mortal.  Sleep.  A dining room.  My Bosch....!  Grandchildren who call when they are trying to escape doing chores (that's Evan).  Sewing machine and Serger.  Computer!  Oh how I love computers.

Seasons that change the environment.  Mouth guards.  Gifts..oh yes, I so love and getting and planning and hoping to surprise.  Toothpaste.  Noxema.  Dishwasher .. mechanical and in the flesh..Robert.

Robert's kindness, generosity, love, support, help, honesty, faithfulness, smarts, humor, knowledge, jokes (mostly corny), love of words, fatherhood.

Books...oh my I should not forget books, nor libraries.  My parents.  Highways.

Dry erase boards.  Lessons to teach.  Prophets to instruct.  Holy Ghost to guide.  Turkeys...animal and human.  Ice maker and water dispenser.  Television.  News broadcasts altho it's seldom good news.  Meteorologists and forecasts.

Dresses and skirts and stockings.  Fountain pens.

So much more but this will do.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

Love your whole list and love you!!

Lin Floyd said...

there is a plethora of blessings to count...

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