Saturday, November 15, 2014


Today was a super day.  Oddly I had  forgotten to keep my appointment to get my hair trimmed yesterday but Marian let me come very early this morning so she could fit me in.  I learned I have a particular swirl at the crown of my head and that's why, now that my hair is so short, I cannot get it to lie flat...I need to keep the hair curled in the direction of the swirl. Also, grey/silver/white hair needs a higher setting on the curling iron because old hair is coarser.  That means my 20+ year old curling iron needs to be replaced.

I had a grand time at BBW afterwards. I had gone in for the season lip refresher...the one from aroma therapy with Eucalyptus and Speriment and discovered quite a sale.  Love when the BBW woman offers me a bag...of course I am going to fill a bag if she gives me one.  Plus I had coupons.

Then I headed to JCP because I had more coupons only to discover another huge sale and came home with 2 new sweaters.  I thought fat people didn't get cold?!  I am always cold.

Today was the Grand Open House for an Alpaca Farm in Grafton. We had originally met the owners at a Frostville Market in N. Olmsted a year ago but always missed their open house. When I visited with Pam yesterday at her work, for her birthday, I asked her to think about going with me.  Today she agreed so off we went. These animals are SO soft.

 This little baby is Ranger.  He was very interested in us until we didn't give him a bottle, then he was disgusted and walked off.  Ranger is bottle fed and has recently been downsized to only 2 bottles a day.    He was just so soft and so inquisitive.

 They have a small barn filled with things made out of alpaca fur/wool.  They even had something called Alpaca Tea in burlap bags which really is only alpaca poo which is a great manure.  You soak this bag and all in 5 gallons of water and then use the water for indoor and outdoor plants.  Gave them to Ken and to Robert...for next spring.  Robert of course wants to go back and see if he can just buy manure for the gardens next year.

Then we decided to hit Olive Garden to celebrate Pam's 62nd birthday.  We went early so missed the crowd and had a great time.  The thing with OG and Pam/me is that altho we love the food we never make it home without having to stop and find a bathroom.  When the server came to take our orders I asked her if OG washed their salad greens in a FruitFresh type solution that might have MSG in it. She said, 'no'.  I gently explained why I was asking and she smiled, shaking her heads and said, "the MSG is in the dressing."  Mind you, it didn't stop us from eating the salad but now we know.

It is always good to have a Saturday that is relaxing and spent with the best of friends.

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