Friday, October 24, 2014

Sanibel Island

Jordan and Hillary are often inviting us down to Florida. The most recent request came with 2 tickets, flying Frontier straight from Cleveland to Fort Myers! With the idea that we could enjoy Halloween, seeing the kids without coats, frollicking and having a great time.  We left home on October 23 with the return flight for November 1.  It was so much fun being picked up late in the evening by Jordan driving and Miss Lily in the backseat. She IS LaLaLoopsie! Such a sweetheart.  Jabbering all the way home.  Jordan had Hillary called Carreras for a Chicken Flatbread/Pizza which we picked up on the way to their home.  Hillary was awake, as any good hostess would be, but she left every early the next morning to fly to SLC to attend her sister, Briana's, wedding.

Friday dawned warm and lovely and Jordan had the day off. So we drove to Sanibel Island for a day in the sun and sand.

These are what Mangroves look like.  These are types of trees that grow in saline coastal sediment areas...tropics.

NHB have all the necessary equipment to lug all the paraphernalia up and down the walkwasy.  This wonderful cart hauls up to 250 pounds.

Blurry but this is a sponge that was on the shore.  Jordan packed it up for me so I could bring it home and make a lovely a memory of the day at the beach.

This was also Autumn Christensens' birthday so I created a sandy birthday greeting in the shore.

Young Robert is a pro at beach life!  He hydrated well...something I did NOT all.

Is Jordan a lifeguard or just relaxing...both in this case!
Marius did very well in the emptied cart, eating some puffs.  He was so good!
Here are the three "Roberts"...the older and the younger watching The Man build a sand castle mound which ended up looking like Mount St. Michaels in Cornwall. My grandmother always told stories from her home area.  One was about the lady of the Mount who had died and was laid out in her fine jewels.  During the night a burglar entered in and attempted to get her rings off her fingers by sucking on the fingers...which caused the 'dead' lady to wake from her coma...not dead at all...and she lived.  My grandmother always had these wonderful stories which were usually Halloween-ish...steeped in superstition.  LOVED THEM!

This Sanibel beach is known for all the shells that wash ashore. People walk along the water looking for just the right shell for their crafts.  As luck would have it Robert found me the perfect shell and Jordan said it was the prize of the day, or of any day he'd been there.  Got 2 long, elongated clam shells and Jordan found me a piece of coral as well...also packed well to take home.

Since this would be my one time to get some sun, I spent the day in the sun without any protection. And I got just the perfect sunburn/tan.  It's a little ouchy but not too bad!  I am hoping that it will last til I get home so it will look like I was in Florida.  Usually my suntans/burns don't last.  Robert has begun to call me a Woman of  Color.  Which is going to be very funny once the 'color' fades.

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Lin Floyd said...

how fun, now you have a place to escape to...during the long winters!

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