Monday, October 13, 2014

Merry Christmas to us

Saturday Robert and I decided it was time to stop looking and to actually buy a new refrigerator....

It's so hard to spend money, to be retired and worry about spending money BUT I am tired of having no room in the frig for us let alone if everyone comes home, or when there's a party.  The frig we had is probably close to 20 years old and belonged to my folks/came with the house.  It was small, yes, but the problem was the frig often froze our things.  Sometimes it was because something knocked the thermostat.  The ice cube maker hasn't worked in about 2+ years and yes, it was small.

Robert had gone down to 805 but discovered there was mail from JUNE in the mailbox at 809. Some for the Houx and a couple for me.  One was from STRS...State Teachers' Retirement.  I still had money in that account and since I have no plans to return to teaching, I called to have a check sent to me...but I also learned that both Robert and I have other funds with SERS...State Employees.  This is from years we both served as Faculty Managers for the Athletic Department...and that was money available to us.   I can still hear Roger Osborne say, "See...the Lord will always provide, one way or another."  That always proves to be true.

 So ... due to that blessing, here's what arrived today!
And as I told each one, the reply was...You even have Shrek Water!  And yes we do.  I supposed we have Shrek ice as well.  This is one huge refrigerator and I love it.  So much room. So much light.  Nothing jammed in (yet).  I am happy.....Just saying...and Merry Christmas to us!


Jocelyn Christensen said...

OOOH, that's a good looking refrigerator!!! Congratulations! And Shrek Water!? You are blessed. Can't wait to come and try it out!

Lin Floyd said...

how lovely-you'll certainly enjoy it!

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