Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lily's birthday

This was such an exciting moment that she got to celebrate with a super gift the night before the 28th.  A LaLaLoopsie bedset!  This included a tent that covers the mattress but it got too hot in the night

and so when we went in for the breakfast in bed, it had already come down...but that never alters the excitement of becoming 5.

Rob. is very much interested in what she's having and like the perfect sister, she shared her bacon with him.
 Hillary and Jordan had planned the birthday cake, using the doll as the 'cake'.  Jordan created the stand, and Hillary frosted the cake that surrounded the doll.  We thought Lil was resting and wouldn't see but she came into the kitchen.  I slid in front of Hillary but Lily, quick eyed that she is, saw the cake but enjoyed seeing it develope.

 This was the perfect cake for a little girl!  Covered in candy, it was the perfect cake for Rob, too.

 Lily is such the crafter....so she received several color/painting sets.
 But once LaLa was cleaned off from the cake, I think she became the favorite gift.  clothes and her own toy as well.

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