Saturday, October 25, 2014


Saturday dawned warm and sunny.  The first order of business was to get rid of certain existing plants and preparing the garden and front area for more plants.  Naturally this was a mn activity (obviously, not me) but Lily loved watched the going ons as did Rob.
lot of weeds to pull up as well as other plants that had lived their life enough.
Then there was this huge plant that Jordan didn't want anymore so out it came, in pieces.  All the while, Miss Lily used her scissors to chop up some of the leaves and spread them out.

Lookin' really good, doesn' t it?  All ready for new things.
Here's an aloe plant that should do quite well here, easily accessed by Momma Hillary for burns and cuts.
Fresh green onions as well as new strawberries got planted.  A new tomato plant was in a pot, kept in the linai so hopefully the lizzard-like things don't eat it.  As a special treat for Hillary,

  Jordan bought her a mosquito plant.

Out front, Jordan set out the new plants and decided the best place for them.
 That required getting rid of some ornamental plants that they didn't care for.
 Remember last entry and the shells we collected?  Lily is so very good at collecting shells, the exact shells she wants.  Since Momma was gone, we decided to create a special Welcome Home gift for her and Daddy got involved.  Apparently, the glue we bought would have been a bit toxic so Jordan got out his gloves and as Lily directed, he glued the shells in place.

 Also there is a votive cup that holds a scented votive candle.  By the look on her face, I think she would have preferred to have done all the gluing herself.

 It got a bit harder as the days went by without their mom but the 3 kids did really well.  They were so very happy to know she'd be coming home the next day.

We had had 2 very busy days because not only did Papa and Daddy shop for plants, we went shopping for Halloween decorations to be put up outside.

 Can you tell how good we got at napping?  even playing with the kids often found someone nodding off.

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