Monday, October 27, 2014

decorating for Halloween

We had a lot of Halloween fun...and yes, no one wore coats.  First was a Truck or Treat at church.  We did it in style with Jordan's hearth (run on fuel) to make 'smores.  The fire and the 'smores were quite the draw!

 Little Marius didn't get any candy but he had on the perfect skeleton outfit with candys in his 'tummy'...a promise for future eatings.
 Rob's dark dark eyes are such a delight to look into.  You always know that brain of his is cooking up something.
 Ever the princess, with many princess outfits, Lily is always ready for her crown.
 I think I just went as an ad for 'got candy' group.

Here is the New Hatch Batch, minus the momma.

But momma came home Sunday and all was complete and happy.  Briana got married in grand style with friends and family with her.  We waited for Hillary to get home so she could help decorate...done on Monday

This picture is perfect with a little haunting going on behind the humans!

And after this, there was still time to visit the jungle at the end of the street, on the go around island.  Lily showed us the coconuts. And when I told her there was milk inside, she and Rob collected a few that sounded like they swished inside and then daddy got into the drilling and everyone had a taste.

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