Saturday, September 27, 2014

One last retirement celebration

Wonderful Jill, who understands and relates to what it is like to feel a bit lost after retiring (as in Who Am I Now?), so generously volunteered to throw Robert a party.  It was held here since she didn't feel her condo was large enough and also our good friend Linda could manage to get into this house.

Everything was so nice.  I think all my talk about people who throw parties from prepared food from Costco intimidated Jill so she made ALL the food from scratch.  And was great food!  And so much.  Carol also brought my favorite, 7 layer salad.  Jill even brought Lay's Original Potato Chips...also my favorite.  The above cake was made by Brandy...hand drawn/iced by her.  Life is Good!  and it will only get better for Robert.  For this I am grateful.

I think there were about 31 people here, all come to celebrate this new era in his life.  Lots of good friends, wonderful chit chat, laughter and joy.  Sadly there was just too much to do to get any pictures at all.

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