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Quiet Book

When my Aunt Carol had her first and only child in 1971, I created a Quiet Book for Richard.  When I had Dawn 2 years later, I was too overwhelmed or tired or just didn't put all the effort into a book for her. But Carol ended up giving back that quiet book.  I doubt she used it, especially because they weren't church attenders and didn't go any place that would require a kid to be kept entertained.

When my grands started arriving I resurrected this craft...All kids said they would love one except for Cara.  So I made quiet books for the other grands but they basically went along the idea of Scripture Story Quiet Books.

Yes, Quiet Books take a lot of effort but patterns abound...anywhere.

THEN one day earlier this year, Lexi DeBaltzo was asked to teach a class for the Family History Conference that is held every year.  Her theme was "Tell a Story" in tell one story...not the whole family history story and to use other mediums than just the written word.  Immediately I knew what I would create...a Quiet Book for M2T2's boys, telling the story of their courtship and marriage and family moments up to this time.  I attended a couple of classes Lexi held at her home to get some ideas or pointers as to what she wanted.  I finished a couple of pages so she could present my pages in Power Point presentation for the class.  But I continued on with the quiet book.  But there are no patterns for the events I would be describing so I had to work at having more creativity that I really have.  I was able to alter a couple pattern ideas and that helped.    I got hung up on NYC page but made it through and finished the whole thing this week.  I cannot wait to present it to Marissa and Hank, alone and separate from the boys so they can enjoy my version of their life story and then they can know to present it to the kids, perhaps in church even...which is why I created it to begin with.

Sure it's all about technology today.  I sit and watch kids entertaining themselves when they are FAR too old with their iPhones, iPads, tablets.  But I am hoping this will be a different sort of interactive book.  For my own remembrance these are the pages and the story that goes with each one.

Probably 20 plus years ago we had FHE groups in which each month we'd pick a theme and create X# of duplicate copies of the packet.  Then we would assemble and hand them out to the other ladies in our group.  This first page of this quiet book is my all time favorite handout from that group.  CREATION of the world

God created Heaven and Earth..what follows are felt pieces that continue the story of the 6 days of creation.

God created Families.  MY Family!

This page tells the story of a couple of parties Marissa and her housemates had when they lived in Lakewood, to which Hank was invited.  The Cinqo de Mayo party might have begun with a stopped up toilet and Marissa and Hank went to the store to purchase a plunger. On the way home, I believe Marissa used it on Hank's behind.  Another time a storm blew in and Hank was (or acted) afraid and put a metal bucket on his head for protection.  You see the Marissa and Hank 'dolls'?  They move through the book/story.
 In keeping with page 2, is a Count to 10 in Spanish page...very colorful (maybe too much so)...with the Spanish words underneath each line of beads.
 This 2-page spread is a game.  One evening Marissa and Hank were in a park, which closes at dusk, as do all parks in our area.  They had gone to the car when Hank realized he didn't have his keys (or was it his wallet?). They turned around to hunt in the dark when suddenly a Lakewood Police car pulls up and was ready to ticket them for being in the park, wondering perhaps what they were up to in a park, late at night.  Suddenly the cop looks at Marissa and says, "Aren't you a Hatch?  What would your parents think?" or something along those lines.  After a bit he identified himself as Will Albrecht who used to date Dawn.  Marissa wondered would she ever get away with anything or would being a Hatch follow her always?  The keys were found and they got away without a ticket.  Thank goodness for a known cop with a connection to our family!  The game .markers are keys and the lost key is hidden in the tree top
 Marissa and Stephanie and Jana lived in this lovely home in Lakewood...and it provided easy access through a window for Hank to crawl through and surprise Marissa with breakfasts.  At this time Marissa was teaching art in Lorain schools, both elementary and high school.  I think Hank would make these Saturday breakfasts.  Marissa doll fits in her bedroom window, Hank in the kitchen. The breakfast items are buttoned or snapped on.
 Eventually Marissa and Hank decided they were in love and got engaged.  "Mommy and Daddy loved each other. They obeyed the Lord and were married for time and eternity in the temple."  Along the top it says Mommy and Daddy, on the left side it has the 3 boys' names,   On the right, "We are an eternal family."  A key unlocks the small lock and the heart opens to find pictures of the wedding day/reception.

 Pretty soon Hank decided to advance his education by attending The Portfolio Center in Atlanta or HOTLANTA as this page calls it.  The upper left picture is Marissa outside her classroom where she taught art (and coached Volleyball) in a high school. The lower picture is from the Portfolio Center.  Inside the front of the sun are various facial features that the boys can make with the sun.
 "Daddy was alone painting houses in Chatanooga.  Mommy drove up to surprise him on his birthday.  SURPRISE!"  Hank was lonely, up there in Chatanooga.  Marissa was lonely down in Atlanta.  Hank is ever the industrious one, providing for them.  This page allows the boys to match the colored paint brush with the same paint can.
 When Hank was finished with schooling there he obtained a super job in NYC. They lived in a tall, old apartment that actually was quite large for an astoundingly reasonable price.  Hank often pedaled his bike from Queens to 5th Avenue.  There was a little park across from their apartment, about the size of a postage stamp...but it was green and Marissa has always loved the out of doors!  Henry was born in NYC.  When they realized they didn't want to raise a family in NYC they returned to Ohio, and bought a lovely home in Lakewood.  Henry began his biking riding career on a bike with no pedals, a balance bike.  When he was put on a regular bike in July, he just took right off.  No training wheels. This page has a bike that can ride across the page.
 Hank and Marissa built a pizza oven in their backyard.  It's a wonderful oven, heated to such a high degree with wood that a pizza cooks in 90 seconds.  Marissa and Hank make up great varieties, my favorite being their Corn Belt Pizza....ham, corn, cheese, etc.  This page is about a pizza..and fractions...and toppings they can add to the slices.
 Hank has always been a big skate boarder and apparently Oskar seems to love to draw skate boards.  We have pictures of Hank showing Henry how to ride a skateboard.  I attempted to make a half pipe for the toy skate boards to use.  But my fun moment was the tagging "Trefethen Forever" continuing the theme.  Marissa taught graffiti art in her art classes and Hank is very good at tagging. What I did NOT put in the book is that Hank was picked up for tagging when he was young.  I figure that's a story he may or may not want to tell his boys. And to have full disclosure...I am no good at tag art.  I found and that helped me with this graphic.  I took a class in calligraphy when I was pregnant with one of the girls and still love to do that...perhaps I need a class in this art form.
 This is my signature page...the boys love my gumball machine which is always filled with M&Ms.  Oskar loves Granny's 'nacks....leaving off the initial S.  The buttons on the right strip are to be matched up with the colored circles 'in' the gumball.  I added at the bottom:  Granny + Bubba love you---2014--forever.
 Lastly is the saddest page for me.  I know that this lovely and close family will be moving, all too soon, and probably to California.  I HATE IT.  I never thought they'd be back here in Lakewood.  I never thought they'd offer to have every Sunday dinner with us, switching who would host.  I never thought I'd have the boys once a week during the end of Marissa's pregnancy.  I never thought we could be this close in proximity, to shop at Dean's Kitchen Supply or Minneapolis Flour Company.  But we have been blessed...and now I have to let them go.  I HATE IT.  It's not fair. But it's gonna be what it's gonna be.  So this page reads:

Wherever the Trefethen Ark may land, it will be HOME because we are an Eternal Family.  As the door to the ark unsnaps, inside are finger puppets.  Oh how I wish that ark would stay here for a bit longer.

 So as I end this entry, with tears streaming down my feeling-sorry-for-myself face, I am so grateful to Lexi for asking me to be a part of her project...that led me to this project.  I know that wherever the Trefethens go, they will know of my love for them.  Through this Quiet Book.

It's the same hope I have that the other 3 families of grands would know as they look and play with their own quiet books.  But honestly, I hope they all know more because of the various times we have spent/and will spend together. For the quick phone calls or Skypes.   For however long this life in mortality is measured to me.

But this I do know...The Gospel is true. The covenants have been restored and should be honored and cherished, even in moments of doubt.  It's our commitment to the Lord that allows our faithfulness to our family members.


Jocelyn Christensen said...

This quiet book is sooooo amazing! Way way awesome! Great and creative and labor intensive (as were the ones you did for us!) We love them and you! Thanks, Mom! And thank you for sharing the pictures!

Lin Floyd said...

what a great project. I did a book of the story of the Hatch Family for Daniel and his adopted four!

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