Friday, August 15, 2014

June Rauscher

Today was an extra special day.  Today I had lunch with June Rauscher.  Her Aunt Linda called to say June was coming for the weekend and would I like to do lunch? Would I like to do lunch?  Would I like to reconnect with this amazing child I cared for from the time she was 6 weeks old til she went to school?  Who I kept safe not just from her mom but from her dad?  Who learned at my table?  Who ate with us? Played with us?  The One I felt the Lord should have allowed me to adopt or at least to keep?  Oh yes!

I drove to Linda's and waited til June finished getting ready, doing her hair. And then out she came...this tall, thin, lovely young woman!  So grown up.  I was in tears...and again so many times during our lunch.  June talks,  She smiles. She laughs. She has things to say. She's visited Graceland! of all places, with her best friend.  Has a boyfriend.  Is an EXCELLENT student.

We went to Red Robin and I let Linda talk on the drive but once in the restaurant I told June it was going to be the June Show...she'd have to tell me all things she's doing and is. And she so nicely complied.

Here's my darling June.  I told stories that she didn't remember and that Linda had not heard.  Such as:  that I still have her June Bunny stuffed animal and if she wanted it back she could have it (she remembered the bunny but didn't want it back),  I asked if she still drank milk and oh boy does she.  Linda attested to that since when she's come to visit June will down all the milk Linda has in the house.  When she was with me and wanted milk, her little voice would say MIIILLLLKKKK.  Robert still makes this request this way.  I asked if she ever felt her mom near her  (Penny died of brain cancer).  June barely remembers her mom but I assured her how much Penny loved her.  That when the Federal offices were closed on 9-11 that the first place Penny came was to our home, just to sit and hold June. At the time, there was a restraining order and Penny was not allowed to be near June unless Tiger (dad) gave his permission.  I watched Penny's head walk by the window and started to freak out.  I grabbed the phone to call 9-1-1 (the cops patrolled our home to be sure there were not problems) or to be able to. Penny stopped at the door and told me Tiger had given her permission to come.  He had and altho she came in, I kep the phone in my hand.  But 9-11 was a very upsetting day for the US and I understood Penny's need. The  other moms all called by phone to check on their kids, to just be reassured that they were safe.  It was that kind of day.  All these details I did not tell June this day but I remember them here.

Sometimes I'd look at June and see her cousin, Other times I'd see Penny in her. And always I could see Tiger.

June lives with her dad and Uncle Joe in Wellington (hence the logo on her shirt).  She's so happy and so sweet. She's just what I wanted her to grow to be if she couldn't grow to be mine.

But for a couple of minutes I could pretend.  and I did. and it was wonderful.  and we shall most definitely do lunch again some time.

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Lin Floyd said...

what opportunities you've had to bless others' children...

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