Friday, August 29, 2014

It's done

Robert walked in.  It's done!  And I sobbed!

There was a blood drive at work yesterday and the shirt they gave away looked  like Robert so some guy put one aside for him.  but there's no disguising my Hero!  I actually saw it earlier when I took some cinnamon gems right out of the oven to him for his buddies in the bar mill.  I was going to do this but time escaped me. When they yelled into the phone, "Where are Mrs. Hatch's buns" I raced home and made them.

When he came home we walked to the garage and ceremoniously disposed of his lunch box.  I'm not having to pack him lunches anymore.  Hooray for my retirement from this!  I always made him breakfast and packed him lunch because his mom never did this for his dad and from the get-go Robert said he'd like it if I would do this because he hated watching his dad forage for food.

He was also given this Republic Steel jacket.....

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