Saturday, August 30, 2014

August 30...another weekend. More retirement

Great Fun was in store for Robert and me and almost all the family (we missed Jacob and Cody who had to work and Ella who didn't come).  Saturday was HUGE.  Steve announced it was time to put the fellas to work and cut down that tree by the mail box.  It took some prepping so while the men were out there, we played inside.  This tree, like the one that was removed last year, had begun its decay from the inside.  If you stood underneath it, you could hear it talking to you.  Initially I thought it was a squirrel but it did just what the previous tree did.  Altho it might have lasted another season, every storm meant more branches were on the ground. So it needed to does another tree east of this one as well as one on Warwick side which is half dead. But one thing at a time!

 Of course I got to cuddle with Simon while Dawn helped the kids build a crazy town from a huge set I bought at a garage sale just the week before.

And of course, the stylist, Scarlett, needed to paint Henry's fingernails.  Beauty all around.

the boys played

Niko chillin' or warming..right where the sun comes through the skylight and warms the carpet beneath....

 Finally it was time to down that tree.  Hank faced his fears and shimmied right up into that tree!  Sadly it was a VERY hot day!

Still in the management mode, here's Robert....

Now Steve gets into the instruction mode...

Ken lobs the guidewires...

this was one TALL tree

Dawn came out to check the progress...

It's time...Hank!  get down!

I think Hank likes chain saws!

Whew!  it's done and no one died!

The Mighty lumberMEN


The New Hatch Batch arrived from Florida and everyone had a turn at Marius.  Adorable hat was a gift from someone, can't remember who?

Everyone was able to cool off inside, and lie about for a bit. But soon it was time to head to Fujiyama's for Robert's Family retirement dinner.  Cara, Sam, Peter and Kipp pulled into the parking lot right behind us.  They had drive all the way in from Evansville for a one day event and left Sunday after church because they had responsibilities at home. But it was wonderful that these 4 were able and willing to come.

Time to decide on what to order and have prepared in front of us. Here's Sam...looking happy to have some real food.
Guy, Connor, Evan and Kipp
 Trefethens all ready...and it was  along wait for these wee ones all.  Luckily there was plenty of room for them to wander.
 Steve, Jocelyn with Honor, Adelle, Cara and Sam.
 Henry and Oskar on the floor.
 Jordan and Rob...SO ready!
 Robert, Dawn, Ken and Scarlett
 Sam, Connor, Kipp
 Cara, Peter, Autumn
 Autumn, Guy, Evan
 Rob blowing bubbles in his pop!
 Apparently all the girls will be gymnasts!

 And who in this crew doesn't like fire?
The infamous eggs.....

 Catch it Sam!
 Don't choke Connor!

 One egg toss meant for Kipp landed on Rob who promptly picked it up and lobbed it back at the chef!  Too funny!
 Dawn was game!

 Henry is most interested in whats going to start happening in front of him!
 Rob and Jordan, too

 Egg in the air!  Can you see it?  I can!

 Oskar loved the fire/smoke.

 This one you can even see the egg coming for Marissa!
 Henry opened wide!
 I think sweet Miss Lily was a bit overwhelmed by all the fire and noise. She's such a lady!

 Some gifts.

 Robert will be enjoying archery in Vermilion.

 are we done yet, Honor wonders?

 an attempt to get a pix of all but we missed Steve who had to pay his bill an odd way due to being in Ohio

One final pix at the restaurant..the grands giving Robert a group hug.
 but wait...we weren't done yet.  There were 2 DQ cakes to have for dessert once we got home!

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