Sunday, July 20, 2014


My mom loved angels and years ago I bought her a garden angel which she put in the front yard.  You must remember that she lived in this house, which is on Lake easy road to snatch and run with anything that's out front. She and Bonpapa lost quite a few things til they figured if they really wanted to keep something they needed to put it in the back.  Mom was heartbroken that the angel was gone.

I knew where I had bought the first angel, at a continue garage sale home in the Village.  I went back and asked the man if he by any chance had another...and luckily he did.  I bought it and one night late, let myself in to their backyard and set up the angel so that when my mom looked out her kitchen window in the morning she'd see 'her' angel had returned.  And that's just want happened.  She was so pleased to have 'her' angel back in the yard, looking out for her.  Of course she knew I had replaced it but it was still wonderful for her.

Time passed.  Cancer took its toll and my mom died. Then Bonpapa. We moved up here. Robert's not a big fan of the angel but I insisted she stay.  Tonight, at about dusk he had returned from a Stake Priesthood Leadership meeting and standing at the kitchen window he saw a sight and called me to see.  He said my mom's angel was glowing, to come look.  I did. It was.  I snapped a picture that doesn't do it justice.  But she was glowing with just enough of the setting sun illuminating her.  Robert then said, 'and your mom is still watching over us.'  I hope he's right.  I miss her!


Lin Floyd said...

what a lovely thought...I'm sure she is!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Wow that I'd an awesome shot!

Dawn Barrett said...

Of course she is watching...READ THE rest of the Beautiful Creatures SERIES!!!!

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