Monday, May 12, 2014

Robert turns 65!

Another Medicare person in our home...I'm not the only one.  Robert turned 65 today.  And he is the best 65 year old I know.  I am lucky to have him for a husband and wished him another 65 years with me, or 65 light years with me.

Marissa/Hank/kids came for dinner and we had a ball.
 Instead of spaghetti which has been Robert's go-to birthday meal (yuck) he went for burgers and fries.  I made a couple of sliders for the 2 wee boys.
 Plus I found these 2 small divided plates which seemed to really help the boys eat.  Compartmentalize!  Compartmentalize!

 Oskar wanted a dill pickle and actually seemed to cope with it.  Marissa and Hank are so good at introducing their boys to all sorts of flavors.

 The birthday dessert happened to be Henry's idea.  Last week he and I were talking about what to make for Bubba's dessert.  He suggested brownies and then considered strawberries.  I suggested some whipped cream and he remarked, "That's just right!"  So that's what we had.  Baked the brownies in the PC individual squares, sliced them.  Filled them with whipped cream using the Easy Whip tool Robert gave me previously (add the gas cartridge and the sweetened heavy whipping cream and voila...).  Layered on the sliced strawberries and we were all set!
 Happy Birthday to you, How old are you, We love you we do. May the Good Lord Bless you!
 Henry and Oskar colored a huge card and wrote their sentiments which Marissa translated in printed form.

 A portable bowl from Cara...just in time for the father/son's outing this weekend which I fear is going to be quite a wet outing.
 Henry was close at Bubba's elbow to help...but Bubba said, I can do it myself....
 ah yes...the nasty microwave popcorn.  Robert's going to die of this stuff. What's the problem with an air popper or something from right on the stove?
 Quick dry towel set just for Robert.
 The above picture is more about Marissa.  She and I have been suffering greatly due to our Pollen Vortex.  She was grateful I had turned on the AC before she got here.  It wasn't just for the heat..really it was just to clear the air. We've been miserable.  It's going to be this sort of spring I fear.
 A little comfort from Froggie and the pacifier after some hurt...can't remember what.
 More popcorn?  really?  White Cheddar this time.   Not a year's supply but these two containers ought to get him through til June.
 Another intriguing gift from Country Cupboard in Lewisburg, PA (Jocelyn). This is not a bird's a bee house.  Something about the bees collecting whatever and storing it in these little cubbies.  We will hang this in the corner after the storms
Hank did up the dishes for us and we had just started to relax when his phone alert told us we were to take cover due to tornado activity.  I hustled us all to the basement.   All the while Marissa is making comment about giving the boys a complex about storms...obviously I didn't succeed with her as a child.  But for me as a child, 3rd grader, a tornado had indeed given me a complex. But when I hear a warning, I choose to listen and obey and be safe.  So far no damage has come to me or to my family or to any of the kids I tended.

I had just popped the corn so we took it downstairs and had a delightful time, not even hearing or seeing much of the storm that raged above us.  Toward the end I snuck up to see what had happened.  I could not see the corner of our street.  All flooded.  I was like Noah's dove..returned to the basement to report.  It was a mess outside but our 3 pump system kept the basement dry, thank goodness.  Naturally the solar panels still leaked but I had rigged a system that allows the leak to just flow to the shower stall (oh, one day it will be fixed).  The Trefethens left after the first tornado warning had expired but the storm hit again as they drove home, making it a bit scary but they made it safely to their home to ride out the rest of the storm.

A plea went out from our ward...people in need of sump pumps...anyone have an extra one?  I thought this was the oddest request.  We got like 5" of rain is a short period of time. Who in their right mind would give up a sump pump in this?  How could they?  and if they had a battery backup, they couldn't share that either for fear of a power outage.  I was baffled by that request and thought about what it taught me.

1.  Obviously to be prepared in all ways possible.  I have been Master of  Disaster for some time for our RS.  I send out 2 suggested/warnings/info a month on how to get and stay prepared.  When we got hit by Hurricane Sandy, sump pumps were my main focus.  Sump Pumps and Battery Backup ones.  Yes, I know they are expensive but start a fund to save for one now and then rest easy knowing you are dry.  til then, leave nothing on the floor of importance.

2.  The Law of the 10 Virgins.  This goes along with #1.  You all know that story.  5 were wise and prepared to meet the Bridegroom.  5 were foolish, unprepared, and couldn't acquire the needed oil.  Same with the sump pumps.  How could I share mine?  Sadly, I could not.  NOT would not.  I literally COULD NOT!  Suddenly, that parable took on an additional layer of meaning...physical, not just spiritual.

3.  I slept (yes actually I wrote this entry the morning after Robert's party/the storm).  It reminded me of the story of the farmer who had done all he could do to secure his farm and he slept soundly.  Robert and I slept so soundly last night that the CD which awakens us was on track 2 before we actually heard it.  

4.  Sometimes there's nothing else we can do but face the trials as they come.  This I do to remind myself to be grateful and not be prideful.  If a tornado were to have struck us, it didn't matter how many sump pumps we had.  The destruction would have been done.  Sometimes we just have to be tried and tested and show our resolve to pick up and go again.  Be better for the next time. Be stronger.

I think my biggest lesson today is to be grateful, to be humble and to NOT have pride that I did what my mom always instructed me to do, what the Lord has told us to do.  AND to have sympathy for those who need help, who were not wise, and if I can help then I need to do so.

There are more storms due tomorrow afternoon.  Robert just told me we had a spare sump pump..actually it's the original one which apparently still works. I need to go find it now and see which ward member needs it.  I did hear that 809 was totally dry, as expected.  Dear 809.  Maybe it one day find loving owners and now the horrid squatters that reside there now.

Here is the 3rd storm as it rolled over Lake Erie at Sheffield Lake's boat dock.

This is the parking lot at Great Northern Mall, N. Olmsted, OH.  It was captioned as Dillard's entrance but it looks more like Macy's entrance.  I guess 5" of rain that fast would produce this.

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Lin Floyd said...

wow, what a birthday-congrats to the old! I knew him when he was a teenager...

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