Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

 Spring along the Erie Coast in Cleveland has FINALLY arrived and it's beautiful.  We suffered from 4 Polar Vortex in the very prolonged  Winter but when that finally ended, we were struck with Pollen Vortex because all the lovely growth, so anxious to emerge had to emerge at the same time.  It's been incredible but proof of so many things of nature and of the spirit.  Today is Mother's Day.

I always loved Mother's Day, hurrying to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for my mom, making sure the gifts (made or bought) were wrapped and presented on the tray.  Years later after she had married Roger Osborne (Bonpapa) she had to endure his attempts at breakfast which was ALWAYS fried bologna, the only thing he actually new know to 'cook' and which mom totally detested.  It was funny, and it still is funny as we retell it.
Found this picture of my mom and me and you can tell she loves me.  Just look at that face (that I so miss!)!  I am sure this was a birthday activity actually OUTSIDE which is not my favorite place.  You know, it's not the posed pictures that tell stories.  It's the ones that are snapped when no one knows that are the things we remember and cherish and weep over.
 And yes, my kids loved me and brought me breakfasts in bed throughout the years.  Robert made me breakfast today.  My kids always say they love his potato/onion omlet best but I wish they had been here to see the first one he made.  It's been too many decades since he's made one.  He ate that one and made me another one (with my help...really chuckling here right now in  case you couldn't figure it out).  Oh yes, he needs to cook more and it certain is what I think he needs to do when he retires!
 But oh yes, I AM LOVED....and I do know it. Here's a wonderful apron from Jocelyn who understands and shares my love of and for aprons.   I love the gifts that come for reasons and for no reason... because I am a gift to give and like to receive.  Is that bad?   I think it's the one big expression we make when we are apart from people.  It says someone took the time to think up something, to create something, to get it in the post and it's something that I use or look at daily and remember when this or that happened.  So yes, I am loved and I am so grateful that the Father had families in mind from before the beginning even, at least the beginning that was my beginning and that He would provide me with the best gift.
 Thanks Christensens.
Robert says I'm too late to be able to see birds nesting this year but I'm still going to try.  All of the bird houses in our backyard have no occupants this spring which is really unusual and sad.  It was always fun to watch the parent birds come with food, squeeze through the hole, and then repeat the procedure.  We would carefully watch as the wee ones stuck out their heads and would be shoved back in until the day came that they'd take flight and we'd have to wait for the next season of birthing and growth to enjoy the miracle again.

So it was with our 5.  Birth them, swaddle them, nurture them but don't let them get too far too fast.  Until suddenly one day they took their flight and were off with families of their own.

Cara called last week and wondered what I was doing this weekend.  It actually has been a very full weekend.  What she was actually calling to ask or tell was that she was going to come alone and visit me.  I said NO!  you can't!  She asked if we were visted-out?  Not at all...but Cara, dear, as sweet and as generous as that is, you've got 5 kids still at home who need you to be at home.  So they could take care of you.  She insisted, Oh they'll be fine.  But I disagree. These years tho seemingly endless in worry and time consuming and sometimes filled with pain and tears are really so fleeting.  Before Cara knows it, Cody will be out of high school and gone 'for good', one way or another...followed in quick succession by the other 4.  Nope, you need to stay home, be home, and hopefully they took really good care of her.

And because Facebook may not last forever, and my journals (these blogs turned into hard copies) will, here's a repost and picture from Marissa:

I have two kids.  My mom had 5. We were all close in age and she didn't kill us or run screaming for the hills.  If there were times she felt like doing so, we certainly didn't hear about it.  Her patience, endurance to love and understand us, the things she did large and small for for let us know we were always safe and always loved.  To the greatest mom I know who passed the test of child rearing with flying colors.  Everyday I think so myself, "Mom did this, so can I."  You are an inspiration!  You didn't let us drive you mad.  Happy Mother's Day.  Marissa

 Jordan had posted I was his CIO  on FB which ended up being Chief Inspirational Officer.  I thought it was for Informational Officer but I prefer his version.  I am a self-appointed muckraker and realize that mostly my kids didn't like that but being so often saved them from a lot of things they never knew about.
One day after Jordan moved to Florida I received a package in the mail with the lovely turquoise necklace and earring set, remember that post?  I was thrilled that Jordan remembered I don't have pierced ear altho, like he said, how could he not remember that fact.  For Mother's Day, I received another pair.  They are is Jordan and his family...and all my other kids.

And it looks like Miss Lily and her mom were busy crafting.  I have the loveliest of  minature silk flower arrangements ever.

I remember as a child, my mom always stood me between her legs and would take a comb and curl my long blonde hair while wet around her finger, securing with bobby pins and when it dried, she would gently remove the pins and I had the best sausage rolls all over my head.  I am sure it was a take off of the young Shirley Temple. Then I grew up and ratting our hair was all the style...and ever since then, I have enjoyed using specifically an ACE rattail comb.  But a couple months ago, my ACE disappeared.  Yes, I could have bought another one, should have bought another one but I kept thinking it would show up.  I didn't..until Dawn sent me a new one today, with all these candy bars and $$ to buy a large bag of Lay's potato chips.

 My mother always loved scented soaps and had these pretty little ones that went with the lovely guest towels.  Then Jordan and Hillary worked for BBW and The Limited and I have often been blessed with such things.  But now times have changed and I don't have that luxury...til today.  Cara sent me lovely soap for bathing and relaxing and also aromatherapy Essential Oils for help with breathing.  And boy don't I need that....and that brings us back to the Pollen Vortex...and the need for breathing or at least assistance in breathing.
It's been a lovely Mother's Day.  Great lunch, Skyping with my kids or talking on the phone with them all, as well as with my friends.  Moments to remember my own mom and grandmother and wonder what they did today.  But all in very grateful for the years I could have as a mom with kids in the home.  Now I look forward to the times I can spend time in their homes, with them one way or another.  Oh how I wish they could live close and not be moving away.  But that's life and as in all things with life, we just have to learn to deal the best we can.  


Lin Floyd said...

you are certainly an exemplary mother to others not just your family...Happy mother's day afterwards...

Dawn Barrett said...

happy belated mother's day!! don't forget the gum ball machine!!

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