Saturday, April 19, 2014

The beginning of Easter partying

Late Thursday night the Christensens arrived from PA.  Let the parties begin.  The kids were fine sleeping in the basement.  Tonight we had planned to have a Raclette dinner but one raclette grill wasn't enough for all of us (including Trefethens) but wonderful Pam offered hers so we had plenty.  It was a lot of fun.  This is what I hope my kids want to get for Christmas (and Christensens do, yay) because we have so much fun.  After we had started to clean up, Steve wondered if they could make 'smores.  So out came the chocolate chunks for the trays sitting atop the graham crackers.  The marshmallows were warmed on top.  Pam and I both agreed later that we need to learn to think outside the box.
 I think Henry has discovered what his dad is doing and I thought he was the only grand who had this dessert treat.
BUT then I discovered this picture:
At some point throughout the past week, I've had to practice the piano so I could accompany the Women's Chorus in church on Sunday.  Jill normally is the pianist but she didn't have time to practice and asked me.  I really ought to learn to say NO just because my eyes are slow and my fingers slower.  However, I roped Marissa into singing along so I could get a rhythm going and hearing her sweet voice since over my shoulder immediately brought to mind a cassette tape I have.

Luckily for me (probably not for the kids), there was not horror rule about leaving the kids alone. One Christmas we left the 5 alone while we went to church to listen to the First Presidency Christmas Fireside  However, I left a tape recorder (hidden) running on record so I could know what was going on while we were gone. And you may ask what was?  the sweetest things.  Among them all was Marissa singing to Jordan, reading, singing together.  And while hearing her sing over my shoulder this day, I was reminded of that tape and worked so hard to not cry.

Before the dishes even got finished, Marissa was great at setting up the egg dyes and the kids and adults made speedy work of coloring the eggs.

 Honor, Scarlett, Guy
Time for me to color with Miss Scarlett

 Autumn, Marissa, Oskar
 Look what I did!
 Oskar the man with the eyes
Robert who only got to color eggs once in his youth always loves to color at least one.

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