Saturday, April 19, 2014

Secular Saturday

Years ago, Robert and I decided to keep the emphasis of Easter to Sunday; thus we instituted Secular Saturday...all fun things, games, candy, bunny is done Saturday.  The kids went to bed so faithfully last night...all the Christensens and Henry Trefethen.  They were happy to all  (except Honor who is a babe and in a pak n play) sleep on the same bed in the basement.  Robert and I were whipped and went to sleep, soundly.  What we missed was the kids coming up, all 4 of them t coming up at 12:30am to ask their mom/ it time for the Easter bunny?  Naturally it wasn't and they went back to sleep.  I heard them again about 5 when Robert was ready to get up for work.  I think it was about 6:30 or so when we finally decided to allow the festivities to begin.

First all the kids needed to locate their basket which the bunny had filled with candy and hidden...then it was time to hunt for the eggs which he had also spread out through the house.
Honor's basket was the least hidden and all the kids found hers immediately.
Henry's basket was hidden behind the TV.  If you look carefully you will see the basket but what you so see are 3 heads, all peering at the same time, to help Henry find his basket.
Henry found a hot wheel car and I think it was the most exciting find.
Oh man is Autumn happy!
Honor loved her Cadbury bunny, relaxed and comfortable..who needs breakfast food.
We managed to get the 5 of them posing with their baskets before they chowed down.

Lakeview Park hosted the egg hunt again t his year.  It was SO cold along the lake shore but so much fun.  Robert went along but I stayed home to try and sort out a room and do a few things.
 The Two Henrys
Oskar, Marissa, Hank and Henry...who you don't see is the new grand that will grace our family in July...yet to be named.

Doesn't it always seem that families do nothing be eat when they get together, especially on holidays.  And eat we did.

We missed Jordan, Hillary, Lily, Rob and Marius this year but are grateful we had them last year and that we chatted a couple times this year.
Earlier today, Jordan posted this picture on FB.

This is his new Secular Saturday gift...a new grill, streamlined to be sure and no it doesn't sit in their front room.  As much grilling as Jordan does, he needed this since his old one was damaged in the move.  Their development hosted an amazing party for the kids and he said there were like 300 registered to attend.  Lots of activities.
Miss Lily and her mom Hillary
If you look close you will notice a crown between the ears on Princess Lily's headband.

Rob appears to have the idea of picking up eggs in control.
Oh ya, he says.  I got skills.  I got the eggs and I got the candy. Now where is that jumpin' bouncin' house?

Later this afternoon the Barretts arrived from MI.  They had spend yesterday making Good  Friday a Great Friday by doing heavy duty, manual labor. Their city had been struck with wind sheer last Saturday.  Huge trees uprooted, urns overturned. What a mess.  All 5 of them joined with other churches and groups to get things cleaned up.

 This picture above reminds me of the object we should not have roots as shallow as these pines do because in winds of opposition we will fall as they often do.  We need to have roots that stretch deep and hug tight the truths we learn so that when those winds blow, we know what is true and what is not.  And altho we may stand alone sometimes, at least we know Who we stand with and for.
 These trees have already been cut into slightly more manageable lengths but still, wow...isn't this incredible?  And it wasn't even a tornado.
 Adelle stands next to this urn which had been turned upside down.  It took her and her mom to grunt and push and tug to get it upright in the cemetery.
Today, after Evan's first soccer game of the season, they showered and drove down here.  The cousins loved being together.  Trefethens left in the afternoon because they had a birthday party of a friend to attend.  But before they did, Hank took Robert and Steve on a tour of a spectacular lumber yard.

The kids played and got totally muddy at the playground at the end of the street.  But oh the fun.  I loved that they could remember who's who and who does what.  It's great seeing the interaction and as I watch and listened, I realize I am a grandmother thru and thru.

We missed the  Trefethens at dinner tonight but they'll be back tomorrow.  We didn't hear from the Kennedys yet but there's still Easter Sunday.  So the table is set in the dining room for lunch tomorrow.  The other table is set for breakfast and will be set for lunch after church.  I did manage to make the brioche rolls in my one remaining small oven.  I have the huge roaster that Barlows gave us to store for them, the one we have decided to say we both own.  That will warm the ham tomorrow.

Right now my feet are sore, my eyes are tired but my heart is full.  Not just with family.  I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ, for what He sacrificed and suffered for me.  I am grateful this plan was always in place, that He was willing to stand up at the beginning, loving us all enough to die for give up his life for us...and rise again on the 3rd day.  Tomorrow.  Easter.  A day full of hope and bright truths.

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