Sunday, April 27, 2014

Family History Conference

Yesterday Robert and I attended the first part of the annual Stake Family History Conference.  The main reason I went is because Lexi DeBaltzo (incorrectly listed as Alexi in the program so she says she's a Russian Spy and I decided I wanted to be just like as well as a spy but don't have a spy name...til I decided that Susan was close to Svetlana) was teaching a class entitled "Tell Me A Story".  She had asked me and about 5 other people to come to her home and to pick a segment of something...a life, a topic, a theme...and develop some sort of small book.  Everyone had great ideas but no one actually came through for her.  Wait...I sort of did.  I just didn't complete my project but she was only going to use a powerpoint presentation anyway and so Isent her pictures.  My project was to make a quiet book detailing a few events from Marissa and Hank's life...from when they met, where they lived, things they did...for their boys.  Ever since I decided to do this, I've been so excited but putting together a quiet book like this is totally different than doing the ones where I have the patterns already. This required thinking and planning and being creative which we all know I'm not.

Lexi gave a great class and it really inspired me more to actually get going on collecting the few stories I have. We left the conference and drove to visit Patsy in her rehab facility. She's looking so much better.  We discussed where we had been and I asked her if she'd be willing to talk into my Voice Pro app for the iPad, on her life. We made a list of areas to discuss and began just with her father.  I have some pictures of her from my mom's collection and she has a couple as well.  It won't be a big book but it will at least be something to remember her.  At 85, having gone through these falls and spending over the past month in the hospital and/or rehab, I am more acutely aware she won't be around forever.  I want to do the same for Johnny but that might be more difficult.

Spending so many hours thinking about family history, again I found myself getting a bit miffed that there are no real ancient journals/recordings that I could use to put together a 'life'.  When I needed to read my mom's journals to find certain letters and signs for the font Dawn had made of her distinctive handwriting, I found myself getting really peeved by her views and interpretations of things.  How unfair I thought.  Then I trucked the lot of them to Jocelyn.  Now Debi wants them scanned.  Oh Joy!  I wonder when these journals began...not far enough back for me but perhaps I just need to read these through to get a sense of what she thought beyond what i saw and 'knew'. Who knows.

Robert has a couple really special things. I am jealous but said I'd help him put together some books as well.  So I had this very frantic moment of not being able to find all the photos I had scanned of my mom's.  I tossed those actual photos out and now feared i had lost them. But after a few hyperventilating moments, I did find them.  I've spent so much time trying to identify people in the photos, dating them...and sure wished my mom had done this previous to her death.

Genealogy previously was all about who and when and where...but not so much the why of their lives.  Our family's information is so sketchy.  Getting to Poland info is almost nonexistant at best.  And that's the line I was working on. Perhaps Robert is right..perhaps I need to switch to the British lines.

When I complete the Quiet Book, I think I'll post pictures.  Small Steps, Susan.  Let's see just how far we can travel this small steps.


Lin Floyd said...

sounds fascinating, I like the idea of a small quiet book. I made one for the twins about how they were adopted into Daniel and Tina's family. Did it half page, printed on card stock, cut in half, laminated then assembled with coil binding-they are almost indestructible-written with a younger audience in mind. good luck with a worthwhile project. Like you new background!

Cara said...

Mom You are so creative!!!! We are trying to get the G-bug too. The kids are asking questions so….I better break out pictures too.

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