Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Marius Edmond Hatch


As with all the grands, the day an infant is blessed is the day the infant gets his official name as to be recorded and known on the church records and in the world. But in addition to this the dad pronounces a special blessing on this little one.  Marius' blessing day was on Saturday, March 15...yes the Ides of March.  And it was a great blessing and a lovely day and Robert and I were thrilled to be able to be there for this moment.  As with the other grands, Marius wore the Baby Mary Jane, very British, booties that I made from my grandmother Holman's pattern.  Doesn't he look happy here...and we hadn't even started the moment yet. He was very ready for his name and blessing...sporting the christening gown his great great grandfather wore in 1898, which had been made for him (Richard James Holman) by his own grandmother.

Here are the men who participated:  Br. Flinders, Dad Jordan, Grandfather Robert.  The blessing was performed in the home and this lends a wonderful spirit of peace and love that attends that home and with the addition of Marius, an increase of love and spiritual is apparent.

Following are more pictures that were taken on this special day.

The complete family...The New Hatch Batch

With Robert and I in the back.
Current and future priesthood holders

A happy dad with his perfect boys!

3 Generations of Hatch Men
A nice shot
This is the photo we like best..just hanging out, casual and happy.
Look at us!  We got the baby!

The mom has the wee one.

Yards of lace

And in keeping with the British tradition of passing silver over the palm of a newborn, Marius is here with a 2014 Silver dollar as a keepsake.

"At last!  I'm out of the gown." Marius says as he snuggles in his baby bunting, ready for a nap on Granny's lap and listening as she tells him how perfect and beautiful he is.

And that ended our vacation in Florida.  It was a very lovely week.  No big hurries, no needs, no stress, no snowstorm.  Lots of love and laughter, stories and remembrances.  Many times with little ones at our sides as we read books to them.

We left sunny Cape Coral for home the next morning early.  Marissa met us at the airport with pasties for lunch (with green pastry for St. Patrick's Day which was on Monday)
 and chocolate chip cookie bars and even stopped to let us pick up Niko from the doggie spa.  It was hard to leave one family but good to be meet by another and to enjoy the moment when we returned to our own home.

So I am determined to start another saving account so we can return to Jordan and Hillary and their kids, maybe next year.  Until then, there are grands that do live within driving distance. But Skype with all of them is very important to keeping in touch and for recognition between generation.  I love technology!


Lin Floyd said...

what a sweet blessing. Just found out I will have a visit from two sons this year for spring break: Dan and Frank and their families. 5 of my 7 grandchildren in one place!

Dawn Barrett said...

fantastic pix!

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