Friday, February 07, 2014

Medicare and me....65 tomorrow

This is the start of a very big and very busy weekend for me and boy!  did it start off with a bang!

Jill Pavic and Mary Beth Lyon treated me to a movie, "The Monuments Men" and let me tell you this was one remarkable movie.  Not a movie that you go to for fun but certainly a movie that made you think and realize just how horrible Hitler and the Nazis were.  And oh the value of art!  and I'm not even an artist.

Then we went to Applebees for are these wonderful friends.  I am blessed.
It was a fun evening, especially because Robert was able to join us at Applebees.  Toward  the end of dinner, Jill left the table with her coat and keys.  She came back with this AMAZING birthday cake.  Jill ordered it from Brandy DeLeon, who decorates cakes and each are so delicate.  So cute.  Brandy is the one who made the Bert and Ernie cupcakes for Dawn.  My birthday cake was HUGE cupcake and the cupcake wrapper was fondant, filled with cake as well.
I don't know if you can see the words around the base but it says Happy Birthday Susan.  The cake was tender and the frosting was yummy.  And every waitress and waiter came by and raved about the cake.  it was lovely.  What a great gift, what a great set of gifts including an Amazon card from Mary Beth.

What a great way to start my birthday weekend.

Then when I got home I discovered my PC friend, Susan Farnham send me her eCookbook for one of the stoneware pieces that PC is discontinuing.  Super!  Love that stoneware piece and cannot imagine why they would discontinue it.

Now I am ready to head to bed and be ready for my big day tomorrow of playing the piano for the Lorain County Historical Society's Women's Association's High Teas.  CANNOT WAIT...and tomorrow night ends with the Broadway Series of Porgy and Bess.

So..........Happy Birthday to me!

IT'S NOW FEBRUARY 14th and I was finally able to celebrate my birthday with Hank and Marissa and their boys....which as of this morning we know will be My THREE sons come July.  They brought dinner and a cake and PRESENTS!  I love presents.  Then they stayed to play.

 very pretty chocolate cake with mousse and chocolate curls on top.
 This gift wrap was actually fingerpainted by Oskar.  As Marissa or Robert mentioned, you never need to buy wrapping paper as long as we have such artistic boys.
 Oskar loved the chocolate but he also sat silently at the end of the table eating the Sweet n Sour Chicken and rice.  As fast as Marissa filled the plate, he would eat.  Such great eyes!
 This is my new tshirt.  Very clever. And I am happy that I have all the original far.  This will be fun to wear.
Henry and Oskar and I played a few games of Wii Bowling.  Henry bowled a 130!    It was a fun night!


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