Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Polar Vortex

We are in the midst of a Polar Vortex...the coldest we've been in over 2 decades.  Schools are cancelled.  Windchill is at least -36 degrees. Actual?  Who knows.  I think this morning we started out at -11.  Yesterday it was warmer on the surface of Mars than it was in Chicago or Green Bay.  I have walking pneumonia and I'm not venturing outside for anything.  I'm dressed warm and barely making it.  Poor, dear Robert has to go out and work in this. And it's ugly. Thankfully, he currently spends more time in his cold office (and he has 3 space heaters we bought for this reason) than in the frozen tundra...and it is a frozen tundra out there.

I was sitting in the family room, talking to Marina Rice on the phone and looked up to the areas next to the fireplace..the areas that have those glass bricks for light, the areas that wood can be and often is stored for the fireplace (but naturally I have not excelled at firemaking).  I looked up and gasped. This is what I saw:
 Oh, yes...that's frost build up and ice.  I freaked!  I think Marina freaked and commented this was not good.  Oh really?  Not good! No wonder after mom died Roger would hang these insulated but ugly curtains over those two area....and where are they now?  At least it kept the chill of the bricks and glass bricks out of the family room a bit.

Then Walter Phelps called to check on me because he knew he needed to check on the 'older citizens'...hate to mention he's older than I am. At least I think he is.  I told him about this problem and he was usual calm self and just listened. We hung up. About an hour later he called me back.  He had gotten ahold of a fireplace man and talked to him about this situation and was told that in conditions that we are having now, it is often seen to occur.  In that the air in the chimney between the walls creates condensation because of the heat of the house or whatever...and forms this situation.

I sounded like some evangelical fanatic as I praised the Lord for putting Walter in my life.  He has blessed my life today. And I grateful. Yes, when it's summer we will check all the seams of the house and take care of things. Til then, I am at peace.  I told Walter I was going to blog or FB him but he said he prefers to stay under the radar...sorry Walter.  You are wonderful. Thanks for being my friend.


Dawn Barrett said...

I'm getting old...tell Walter to call me. I have so many questions that need answers!!! lol. So glad you found the answer you needed, quickly, today. xoxo

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Q=====/WALTER!!! THank you for checking on my Mom when I did not! Sorry, but glad you have an angel...Michael Landon style watching over you!

Lin Floyd said...

I'd retire to St. George or Florida...lol. Get well soon.

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