Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Rather a laid back way to start 2014.  Talked to Cara and she is SO ILL. She's been in bed since Friday...that's almost a week and I would have thought she would have gone to the doctor's  but instead she relied on some anti-biotics from Jacob.  I insisted she call the doc in the morning but I really wanted her to go to the ER. Sometimes it's very hard to be the mom of an adult child.

Last night, right before I collapsed in bed, I used the Blog2Print 15% off coupon and assembled my 2013 blog and now it's at the printers.  Feels good to have that accomplished as the old year ended.   Didn't cost nearly as much as I had feared since I had so many pictures.  I made my blog PRIVATE for about an hour, as I inserted the private things I wanted saved for my kids, the things I would not post publicly, prepared the blog for printing, went back and deleted all the private items, and the made my blog Public again.

Today Robert kept us nice and toasty with a fire in the fireplace while we watched the Rose Parade and awaited the arrival of Hank and Marissa and boys for dinner.  We had the usual pork and saurkraut altho really only Robert, Hank, and Henry ate the kraut (altho I did mix in one strand of the cabbage when I spoon fed Oskar, so he could have good luck too.  Marissa said she was grateful my house just didn't reek of the stuff. I had to agree.

 Pork, wonderful pork, the other white meat...and of course the kraut that cooked for 7 hours.
Applesauce and of course rolls...peas, Hassleback potatoes, candied carrots.
Did you notice this in the picture before?  And how many of you remember one, had one, used it?  This bun warmer actually was brought home from his mission by Robert.  I got one as did my mom.  I used mine when the kids were little, or basically until 12 rolls weren't enough for one feeding.  Plus I noticed it was getting a little too 'spent' and from then on I used it as a doily under a picture or something.  Marissa didn't remember it.  When my mom died, I naturally acquired hers which had never been used and is still in pristine condition, starchy and wonderful. For you younguns:  This is stored flat and then you tied the strings together to form a bun warmer/presenter.  And yes, this is real Belgian lace...from where?  Belgium...remember? Robert's mission the Great Franco-Belge.
Love sitting next to this cutie.

Lucky for me, everyone else cleared up and stored away, washed up and put away all the dishes and fixin's while I just attempted to calm my coughing.  Sleeping all day would have been ideal but 1) it was a holiday and 2) I feared not being able to sleep at night.

I was actually too ill to even think about family blessings but Dawn Skyped and reminded me, Marissa asked for them, and naturally Robert always had it in his mind.  Robert had just placed the chair and Henry jumped right up, folded his arms.  The cute part was Henry started his own "blessing" of sorts but instanteously starting a prayer, for which he thanked the Lord for all of us as well as the almonds his Bubba had just placed before him.  Hank gave his family lovely blessings and promises and requests for the new year, and spoke encouraging words for Robert.  I am so grateful for so many things.  I was last and asked for an annointing blessing as well....I just want to feel well again.
As the blessings went on, the boys got a bit antsy so I sat on the floor with the iPad (thanks Jacob and Cara) and they quietly played a game.  You can see even at his young age, Oskar most definitely knows about technology.  Henry likes my games...not many but not the ones he has.

It was a lovely day.
This is another gift from the Christensens that Jocelyn assembled for each of us.  It's a line-a-day journal kit so it's a running journal throughout the years.  Dawn commented to me on what that berry box is called:  BTW...that container for the calendar is calla punnet. The word of the day  I have two I look at!
It's a clever way to keep track of each day through each year.  I certainly hope I have many years to go. That's my wish for 2014 for myself.  Some people's lives are sad and miserable but I know we have to see through such days, to see how much stronger we have become because of the opposition and look forward to the day when oppostion is no more.  We are as strong on reliance on the Lord as we need to be and then He handles the rest.  But usually I am the impatient one...I want what I want fixed NOW!

But I am working on this.  I am looking (or trying to) with compassion on each incident wherever and trying to find a comparison.  For me. For my kids.  For others.  I think it was Lin who said she was going to work on Acting, not Reacting in 2014.  Good plan.  I won't make it a goal because I've already made my one goal which I feel is doable but I can remember the good ideas others have.


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