Thursday, January 02, 2014


Dawn had been hoping for a snow day for her kids who were supposed to return to school today but felt the snow was going to fall south of them. Surprise Surprise...her wish is granted. This is a rather huge storm around Lake Erie shores. Lots of blowing snow around us as well...very icy roads...Robert left for work and called when he arrived to say the roads were BAD but he made it safely and was putting on his snow work boots.

So after he left I decided I would eat something so I could take these nasty pills that are supposed to make me better and then go back to bed.  Prednisone 2x/day and Azithromycin 1x/day for 5 days.  Wondering exactly when I'll be cured.

So this morning, I prepared and set it out thus :
This is what and how my grandmother, Gladys Evans Holman, would prepare my tea and toast, altho this is not tea but Postum (and yes I have scads more jars of Postum left...wiped out the shelves when we heard that Kraft was discontinuing the product).  All is served in and on this lovely set that Carol Marshall gave me from her mom's collection.  Lovely, isn't it? Carol even gave me the plate since it matched the cup/saucer.  It is lovely!  Thanks Carol.

My grandmother and later my mom, Gladys Thomas Czekala Center Osborne, would toast the bread, butter and jam it (today it's strawberry jam from our own garden) and 'sandwich' it.  I would dunk these jellied 'sandwiches' in the tea, as a sandwich not as an individual piece.  And that's what I did today.  It was so much a memory and I loved it.  I have another cup/sauce that a friend gave me, and one from from godmother, and one more that is like the ones my mom had...the one plate I still had and then I bought a set from eBay...remember that post?

So today I started my day very British and so looking forward to February when the Women's Association of the Lorain County Historical Society presents their high tea and I am blessed to be a part of this group, and will be included in the preparing and serving of the tea, helping with the take home token.  I cannot wait. Even tho I no longer drink black or green tea, I can still love the niceties of that era.  So much nicer than those huge coffee thingies that people buy at Starbucks and have to walk around with, or those heavy clunky mugs.  Nasty!  Today started out with me as a lady.  Let's hope I can recall this in all my and every day.

A bit of a two-fer.  This was from Jordan's FB page yesterday...and oh, yes..he is his father's son:  Started 2014 off with a bang!  Enjoyed not starting a new diet with a high choleterol breakfast with the neighbors which ended in a water balloon fight and other silliness, enjoyed Robert's favorite activity (using the carpet cleaner), thanks to my neighbors extension ladder I finished painting a hard to reach area above the stairway, changed the air filter and fixed a leak in the gutter. Ran to Lowe's and got stuff for the garden and with Lily's help, we got everything set up and planted some strawberries and installed a new sprinkler head for the garden.  Showered.  Hit up Five Guys Burgers & Fries, put the Christmas decorations in the attic, put the kids to bed, and then installed a new food disposal.

Today, from my bedroom room I took this picture of Robert's raised beds:
And just to be clear, Robert's raised beds are all snuggled under the renewing blanket of snow...very comfortable to be given a season of rest.

As for me, I'm comfortable I do not have to go out anywhere today, because I can't.
 This storm is hitting over 21 states and the east coast is expecting blizzards by tonight.  Altho most people in warmer climes are probably happy and bragging about their weather, I have to say, I love this.  It's beautiful and sometimes awe-inspiring...and it's where we choose to be.  It's lovely to see everything so white and clean and crisp.  Just had to add this.


Nikki said...

How perfectly lovely! Enjoy your day.

Lin Floyd said...

I start out every day with peppermint herbal tea-so tasty with cinnamon toast-must be time for breakfast!

Dawn Barrett said...

What a fun memory to share!! And for the record, if this prints off comments too: Evan earned us a snow day today instead of returning back to the books after Christmas, by:
1. wearing pjs inside out.
2. putting two white pencils on the window sill b/c we have no crayons in this house any more (sniff, sniff)
3. drawing and cutting out a spoon and sleeping with it under his pillow.

I just took the "pray every time I woke up" path.

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Postum...I looked for that at wegmans and couldn't find it. That would explain it!

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