Monday, January 27, 2014


Today marks our 500th anniversary..month anniversary in case you ever forget.  I don't remember how or why we started celebrating by the months but we always have.  This makes the anniversary special...but to think we could dare to have 500 more in mortality might just be stretching things way too far. So grateful we have an eternity to keep counting altho I understand time reckoning there is far different than here.  Probably even celebrating there might be different.  So I am thinking we need to do a lot of celebrating while we are still alive...just to be on the safe side.

Robert had told me HE was going to cook dinner tonight and he was going to prepare my FAVORITE.  First, I wondered if he even knew what my favorite was and how my favorite really could not be started/completed in a short time. Then I thought he would just pick up something I like (I do have a list of those things).  Secondly,  I personally thought that was a huge stretch because, really, Robert doesn't cook.  He says he can but I know better.  And why should he if I'm here to cook for him?  That being said, I see the time coming rapidly that I ought to train him better.

I was giving piano lessons when he sneaked in, bags in hand.  I figured he went to the mall and got my favorite Chicken  Teriyaki and was overjoyed.  I could reheat that easily.  I wasn't allowed to come into the kitchen nor near it til he needed my help in family room.  I had heard him cleaning out the fireplace of the ashes but didn't think about it being used for dinner...but it was!

 Here he is, 'bbq-ing' hot dogs.  He is just so darn cute and funny.  And honestly, they were very good cooked over an open fire.

  I really like my dogs close to being burnt...and they were!  Robert had the full accompaniment of a summer picnic.  He is VERY good at presentation. See his potato salad on a base of dill pickle slices with an almond on top.
 There was also applesauce (Mott's my fav), and chips and salsa con queso, buns, onions, etc.  What a wonderful treat.  And this was for desert...and he even ordered it ahead of time!  You wonder about EC?  Jocelyn as a blogger friend, a male, who goes by the name Middle-Aged Mormon Man.  He calls his wife EC for Eternal Companion and his kids as FOML or Fruit of My Loins. When I introduced the blog to Robert, Robert decided to take on the same letters and does it all the time!
and the final piece de resistance tho not edible were these amazing roses.
When we were first married, and living in Washington, Robert worked at his mom's cemetery and there were roses all lining the driveway.  Each day he'd come home with fresh roses for me.  These roses are perfect in shape and color.  I loved it all...but mostly I love Robert.

But the 500th day took on another special moment as our 17th grandson, Marius Edmund Hatch was born to Hillary and Jordan Hatch, down in Sunny Florida.  9 pounds 2 ounces...21" long.  That was one big baby for wee Hillary.  Jordan skyped with us in the evening and Marius was so alert, neck so strong, head turning to 'look' around him and not just bobbing here, there and anywhere.  Lily and Rob were running all over the room so I think he just wanted to see his siblings, voices of which he'd been listening to for months.  I think he was jut so anxious to put faces to the voices, even of his mom and dad.  It was a special time. He's a special little boy.  We are blessed.

Here's Hillary shortly after the birth
Photo and Jordan posted a comment about falling asleep in a nap only to awaken and find he had his newest son.  Not true but from the looks of this picture I think I might just believe he did nap when we could.  It was a long 12 hours or so.  But Hillary, looking lovely, appears to be happy to be done with labor/delivery AND with being pregnant.

We are truly blessed in so many ways.

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Lin Floyd said...

what a lovely occasion, congrats to all on anniversary and new grandson! Many more month anniversaries, picnics at home and loving joy!

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